Ronal Group and Leonhard Kurz to show pioneering design concepts at the IAA Summit 2023

The Ronal Group and Leonhard Kurz, experts in surface finishes, have teamed up to create a range of sleek aerodynamic wheel inserts, blending style, eco-friendliness, and performance. This remarkable achievement is made possible by an inventive hot stamping process that not only enhances the appearance of the wheels but also improves their aerodynamic efficiency.

The unveiling of this collaboration will take place at the upcoming IAA Summit in Munich, happening from September 5th to 8th, 2023.

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August 31, 2023

IAA MOBILITY 2023, a global platform for futuristic mobility solutions, sustainability, and technology, provides the perfect backdrop for introducing these aerodynamic wheel inserts. The event's focus on electric mobility aligns seamlessly with the automotive industry's move towards greener transportation options, which is reshaping the requirements for vehicle components, including wheels and tyres.

The key advantage of these new aerodynamic wheels is their special benefit for electric vehicles (EVs). By incorporating lightweight plastic inserts on the wheel's outer surface, they maintain a low overall weight and significantly reduce air resistance. This results in a quieter ride, improved aerodynamics, and increased mileage -- a noteworthy advantage for EVs.

The sleek aerodynamic wheel inserts, blending style, eco-friendliness, and performance will be unveiled at the upcoming IAA Summit in Munich, from September 5th to 8th, 2023. | Image: Leonhard Kurz

Leonhard Kurz, a respected expert in surface finishes, highlights that these aerodynamic inserts not only enhance performance but also offer customisation and aesthetics. The core innovation of this project, named the "hot stamping PERFORMANCE+ process," seamlessly combines design and function. This process expertly adorns the intricate, curved structures of the inserts, showcasing remarkable efficiency.

Sebastian Roan, Advanced Business Development Manager Automotive in the Plastic Decoration division at Kurz, explains, "This innovation successfully blends design and functionality. The process excels in enhancing complex shapes and can be seamlessly automated."

Throughout the project's development, sustainability has been a core principle. The improved process reduces CO2 emissions and rejects rates. Moreover, the energy consumption is significantly lower compared to traditional hot stamping, as the PERFORMANCE+ method eliminates the need for material preheating. The ultra-thin decorative layer, similar in thickness to a human hair, ensures the components can be recycled. Impressively, the innovative design elements can be integrated into series production and work harmoniously with recycled plastic materials.

Raphaël Ballu, project manager at the Ronal Group, expresses excitement about their partnership with Kurz, stating, "Integrating Kurz's innovative decoration process into our wheel designs opens up endless design possibilities. From perfectly matching wheels and inserts to creative foil use, the potential is incredible."

Enthusiasts, engineers, and industry professionals are invited to witness the results of this collaboration. The LEONHARD KURZ booth in Hall A2, Booth C32, at the IAA Summit from September 5th to 8th, 2023.

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