Ripon-based Contractor Achieves Remarkable Tyre Longevity with Michelin BibLoad

Ripon-based agricultural and recycling contractor W Dale & Son has reported extraordinary longevity in the Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface tyres fitted on its JCB Agri Super telehandler. Surpassing expectations, the telehandler has operated for over 5,300 hours, with the tyres retaining more than 10mm of their original 33mm tread depth.

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December 12, 2023

Nick Dale, partner at W Dale & Son, expressed his satisfaction with the tyre performance, noting that 4,500 hours is typically considered a good lifespan for tyres in their line of work. The Michelin tyres, however, have not only exceeded this benchmark but also show promise of reaching up to 6,000 hours of usage. "Michelin definitely knows how to make a tyre that can stand the test of time," Dale remarked.

The JCB telehandler, a crucial component of W Dale & Son's fleet, has been operational since July 2020. It plays a vital role in their biomass recycling business, including loading trucks and maintaining their drying plant. Alongside this, the fleet comprises three tractors, a loading shovel, a self-propelled sprayer, a forage harvester, and a combine.

Detailing the telehandler's usage, Dale explained that it primarily works on concrete surfaces, engaging in yard work, feeding the dryer, and screening plant with timber. It also assists in straw stacking in the fields during the summer. "The performance of the tyres is very good," Dale said, emphasizing their resilience against punctures, a common issue in wood recycling operations.

Michelin's BibLoad Hard Surface tyres are designed for use on various hard surfaces, offering enhanced resistance to punctures and wear-and-tear. Their unique diamond-shaped tread pattern, with 96 independent bevelled blocks, ensures a large contact patch, thus extending the tyre's life. The bevelled edges provide improved diagonal grip, stability on slopes, and enhanced traction, crucial for fully-laden equipment. The design also facilitates the easy removal of mud and debris, simplifying maintenance.

Established in 1999, W Dale & Son offers a range of services including agricultural contracting, farming, contract farming operations, and dried biomass supply. The company also specializes in the cultivation, drying, and baling of lucerne for the UK poultry industry. This recent achievement with Michelin tyres stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and efficiency in their operations.

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