Revolutionising Online Tyre Retail: Anyline Unveils Groundbreaking Tyre Sidewall Scanner

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October 4, 2023

Anyline, has launched its innovative Tyre Sidewall Scanner. This state-of-the-art technology promises to transform the way consumers and businesses interact with tyres.

A Game-Changer for Online Tyre Retail

The online tyre retail industry has, for the longest time, been playing catch-up with other e-commerce sectors. One of the primary reasons has been the knowledge gap consumers face regarding their tyres. Anyline's new scanner is set to bridge this gap. With a simple photo of a tyre's sidewall, the scanner captures all pertinent information, eliminating the need for customers to manually input data, a process often riddled with errors.

How Does It Work?

Users need only to open their smartphone camera and snap a picture of any passenger tyre's sidewall. The scanner, leveraging Anyline's decade-long expertise in computer vision and machine learning, instantly captures analog tyre details such as DOT/TIN, tyre size, make, and model, and digitises them. This process is not only error-free but also five times swifter than manual recording. All data is then transmitted and processed via the Anyline Cloud API, allowing businesses to access the information through various platforms, be it an app, website, chatbot, or messaging service.

Addressing the E-commerce Challenge

Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and co-founder of Anyline, sheds light on the pressing issue in tyre e-commerce. "A staggering 72% of drivers are in the dark about their tyre specifics, leading to over a quarter being apprehensive about purchasing tyres online," he states. This lack of knowledge often results in high return rates for retailers, with figures soaring over 20%. Kinigadner believes that the solution lies in the simplicity of taking a photo. "Everyone knows how to capture an image with their phone. It's far more straightforward and accurate than hunting for tyre details and manually entering them," he adds.

Beyond E-commerce: Inventory Management and More

But the applications of the Tyre Sidewall Scanner don't stop at e-commerce. It's a boon for tyre inventory management and tyre hotels, streamlining workflows by swiftly digitising analog tyre data. The software's adaptability means it can be integrated into various devices, from handheld gadgets to fixed camera systems.

A Legacy of Innovation

This isn't Anyline's maiden venture into the world of automotive data capture. The company has a history of rolling out successful solutions in this domain, with industry giants like Europcar, Discount Tyre, Cox Automotive, and TireHub already benefiting from their offerings.

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