Revolutionise Your Winter Drive with MAK's New NPK Multi Grip Socks

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November 7, 2023

As winter's grip tightens, the roads become treacherous landscapes of snow and ice.

For drivers, the season's beauty often comes with the peril of decreased traction and hazardous driving conditions. Enter MAK's innovative solution: the NPK Multi Grip Socks, a new addition to their esteemed No Problem Kit (NPK) product line.

Understanding the critical need for safety and reliability during the winter months, MAK has expanded its range of NPK products, which are designed to meet the end-customer's safety needs swiftly and efficiently. The NPK Multi Grip Socks join the ranks of MAK's already popular spare wheel kit, offering drivers an essential emergency tool for winter driving.

These anti-skid devices are crafted from a technical fabric that provides an efficient and practical solution to combat winter's challenges. Unlike traditional chains, these snow socks are incredibly easy to mount, whisper-quiet, and gentle on both the asphalt and your vehicle's suspension. They are the perfect option for cars that cannot be fitted with chains, offering a hassle-free alternative.

The secret to the NPK Multi Grip Socks' effectiveness lies in the textured reliefs that bite into snow or ice, providing maximum traction from the very first use. Certified with the EN 16662-1 approval, these snow socks are not just a temporary fix but a reliable and durable solution for winter driving.

The NPK Multi Grip Socks are available for online ordering through MAK's B2B platform. Priced competitively at Euro 62.00 excluding VAT for a pair, these socks are intended for mounting on the drive wheels, ensuring that your vehicle has the necessary grip where it counts the most.

Opting for MAK's NPK Multi Grip Socks means choosing a brand synonymous with quality, innovation, design, style, and functionality. MAK has long been recognized as a manufacturer that doesn't compromise on quality, and the introduction of the NPK Multi Grip Socks is a testament to their commitment to driver safety and product excellence.

For more information and to make a purchase, visit MAK Wheels.

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