Radar Tires' Pioneering Role in Breast Cancer Awareness

Omni United's flagship brand, Radar Tires, reaffirmed its unwavering support for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) as Breast Cancer Awareness Month commences this October. This collaboration, which began in 2011, underscores Omni United's dedication to championing the pivotal cause of breast cancer research.

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October 2, 2023

A Decade of Dedication to BCRF

For over a decade, Omni United has been at the forefront of shedding light on a disease that predominantly affects women, especially within the male-centric tyre industry. Through its flagship brand Radar, the company has not only funded thousands of hours of indispensable, life-saving research but has also led numerous initiatives to amplify awareness for this essential cause within the tyre sector.

These initiatives encompass active collaborations with local dealers to bolster awareness and fundraising efforts, offering in-store displays, and disseminating awareness materials to patrons. In a commendable move for 2023, Radar Tires has pledged a minimum donation of $50,000, which will underwrite at least 1,000 hours of crucial research, further solidifying its commitment to instigating change.

Radar Tires in 2023: A Beacon of Quality and Affordability

This year, Radar Tires has also spotlighted its dedication to Research and Development (R&D), unveiling new products and emphasizing rigorous product testing. The brand's rejuvenated strategy aims to position Radar as an emblem of premium quality that remains affordable. This endeavour has garnered substantial momentum, receiving an overwhelmingly positive reception from global customers.

Radar Tires' ethos is clear: superior quality and performance should be within everyone's reach. Harnessing advanced technology, top-tier engineering, and premium materials, the brand has crafted 2,000 sizes of high-calibre tyres worldwide. These tyres promise enhanced handling, prolonged tread lifespan, and augmented fuel efficiency, all without the hefty price tag often associated with premium tyres.

Driving Change, One Tyre at a Time

Radar Tires' commitment extends beyond product excellence. For the 13th consecutive year, the brand has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to social responsibility, standing shoulder to shoulder with its long-standing partner, BCRF. Their combined efforts continue to propel BCRF's mission to advance research aimed at preventing and curing breast cancer, leaving an indelible mark on countless lives.

For a deeper dive into Omni United and Radar Tires' dedication to excellence, social responsibility, and their partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, interested parties can visit www.omni-united.com. Together, they're steering the industry towards change, one tyre at a time.

For further details about the company, please reach out to info@omni-united.com.

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