R&J Strang Tyre Services Unveils Refreshed Branding and New Fleet of Vans Across Scotland

R&J Strang Tyre Services is making a vibrant entrance into 2024, showcasing a renewed visual identity and a fleet expansion with eye-catching orange vans taking to the Scottish roads. This refreshing update marks a significant step for the company following its integration into the Continental family in 2019.

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R&J Strang Tyre Services
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January 10, 2024

Embracing Continental Family Identity

In a bid to align with its position within the Continental family, R&J Strang Tyre Services underwent a branding overhaul in 2023. The distinct orange hue, synonymous with Continental, now adorns the company's vans, providing a bold visual representation of its association. The striking new livery resonates with the company's pride in its Continental affiliation.

Deployment of New Vans Across Scotland

Drivers traversing Scottish routes might have already spotted the burgeoning presence of these new orange vans alongside the traditional red and white service vehicles. The Operations Director, Lynn Strang, expressed enthusiasm for the fleet's transformation, stating, "The new-look vans have been well received across our depots." The company, with bases in Hamilton, Broxburn, and Irvine, operates 28 vans in Scotland and a total of 70 across the UK.

Enhanced Service Commitment

R&J Strang Tyre Services prides itself on its technicians' dedication and their meticulously prepared service vehicles. These vans stand poised to promptly address any tyre-related issues, ensuring seamless customer support during unexpected breakdowns. Lynn Strang emphasized the team's readiness to keep customers moving, regardless of the tyre mishap's location.

Future Branding Rollout

While the 2023 rebranding initiative encompassed the depots across the UK, the Scottish locations are now set for their branding overhaul in 2024. The company teases further updates, hinting at an upcoming visual transformation set to unfold across the Scottish depots.

Reach out to R&J Strang Tyre Services for reliable tyre support and maintenance or visit their website at www.rjstrang.co.uk for more information on their services and the exciting developments underway.

Stay tuned to. Tyre News for more information on the upcoming transformation at their Scottish locations in 2024.

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