R H Claydon Ltd Celebrates 26 Years with BKT at Marketing Horizon Event 2024

UK Tyre Wholesaler Attends Prestigious BKT Event in Bhuj, India

The marketing team of R H Claydon Ltd, recently attended the BKT Tires Marketing Horizon event 2024, held at BKT's Bhuj factory in India. Celebrating over a quarter-century of partnership, R H Claydon has been a key player in supplying BKT Tyres to dealers across the UK since 1997.

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R H Claydon Ltd
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January 26, 2024

A Rich Partnership: Celebrating 25 Years Together

R H Claydon Ltd's longstanding relationship with BKT Tyres has been pivotal in providing the UK market with a vast array of high-quality and reliable tyres suitable for various applications. Since their collaboration began in 1997, both companies have been committed to excellence and innovation in the tyre industry.

Event Highlights: A Fusion of Marketing Brilliance

The BKT Marketing Horizon event was a showcase of cutting-edge marketing strategies and innovations. Attending marketers from R H Claydon were impressed by the dynamic and inspiring presentations and workshops. Discussions centered on emerging trends and strategies, marking a significant shift in the future of marketing.

Networking and Collaboration

Networking emerged as a core theme of the event, with opportunities for marketers to connect, share ideas, and explore new collaborations. This gathering of global professionals underscored the power and importance of building strong, cross-border professional networks.

Insights and Strategies

Key takeaways from the event included a range of innovative digital campaigns and effective traditional marketing methods. These insights, described as "nuggets of marketing gold," are set to influence R H Claydon's future marketing strategies.

Commitment to Sustainability

A standout feature of the event was BKT's dedication to sustainable practices. The company's green initiatives, such as eco-friendly production processes, waste reduction, and the planting of over half a million trees, showcased their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Charitable Contributions

R H Claydon's team also witnessed BKT's remarkable charity work firsthand. BKT's sponsorship of the Akshaya Patra kitchen, which provides over 28,000 meals to children in local schools, was a highlight, demonstrating the company's dedication to social responsibility.

Gratitude and Future Prospects

Concluding the event, R H Claydon expressed deep gratitude to BKT for their hospitality and an incredible experience and the chance to be part of a forward-thinking community. The theme "growing together" resonated deeply, symbolising the fruitful partnership between R H Claydon Ltd and BKT Tyres.

As R H Claydon Ltd and BKT continue their journey together, this event marks another milestone in their enduring partnership, paving the way for future innovations and successes.

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