R H Claydon Becomes an Official Stockist of Nokian Agricultural and Forestry Tyres

R H Claydon Ltd, is excited to announce its new partnership as an official stockist of Nokian Forestry and Agricultural Tyres. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to their customers.

With a firm commitment to empowering drivers to make smarter choices, Nokian Tyres has also made a mark in the tyre and car services industry through its Vianor chain.

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R H Claydon
Published on
June 30, 2023

Nokian Agricultural Tyres, specifically designed to meet the demands of modern farming and machine contracting, are a key addition to R H Claydon's product lineup. Nokian Tyres collaborates closely with tractor and machine manufacturers, gaining unique insights into the future needs of the industry. By tailoring their offerings to today's farming and machine contracting requirements, Nokian Tyres ensures that their tyres provide optimal performance and reliability. The extensive range includes tractor tyres, telescopic loader tyres, trailer tyres, and slurry tanker tyres, catering to a wide array of applications in the agricultural sector.

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