£6m Tyre Call Warehouse Expansion: A Major Boost for Antrim and Newtownabbey's Economy

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council's Planning Committee has greenlit a new storage distribution facility for TyreCall at Kilbegs Industrial Estate. This development is set to bring a whopping £6 million investment to the region.

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Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council | An impression of the proposed new storage and distribution warehouse for Tyre Call in Antrim.
Published on
August 25, 2023

Key Highlights:

- Location: The new facility will be strategically located at Kilbegs Industrial Estate.
- Facility Features: The proposal encompasses office spaces, ample parking, and an expansive 8,000 square metre building. Notably, the design ensures that views are obscured from existing structures.
- Employment Opportunities: This initiative is poised to create 30 permanent jobs, effectively doubling Tyre Call Limited's workforce to 60. Additionally, the construction phase will open up 20 job opportunities.
- Company Profile: Tyre Call Limited, a renowned wholesale company, operates outlets in both Antrim and Dublin Road, Cavan, Republic of Ireland.

Barry Diamond, the council's Head of Planning, emphasised the project's alignment with the area's land use and its harmonious design in relation to surrounding structures. He also highlighted the unanimous support the proposal received, with zero objection letters.

Addressing the evolving needs of the tyre industry, especially with the rise of electric vehicles in Northern Ireland, the company pointed out the increasing demand for unique tyre sizes and attributes. This expansion is a direct response to these industry shifts, as well as the company's growth in the agricultural and construction tyre sectors.

Alderman Stephen Ross of Threemilewater DUP inquired about the temporary waste water treatment plant, given NI Water's concerns about the network and treatment capacity. Assurances were provided that a treatment facility would be set up, which can be later removed once connected to the main sewerage system.

Mayor Councillor Mark Cooper lauded the decision, stating, "Antrim is a prime location for business, this investment by Tyre Call is a great boost for the local economy with the creation of multiple jobs in both construction and manufacturing sectors."

Echoing this sentiment, Chair of the Planning Committee Councillor Robert Foster remarked, "Tyre Call is a leading business located in our borough. I am delighted that plans for a £6 million investment to extend their business have been approved, allowing them to meet with business demand and offer more options for the buyer ".

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