Porsche Cayenne to Sport YOKOHAMA’s ADVAN V35 Tyres in Latest Facelift Model

YOKOHAMA has announced its latest collaboration with Porsche AG. The renowned tyre manufacturer will be supplying its elite ADVAN V35 tyres as original equipment (OE) for the globally sold, facelift model of the Porsche Cayenne premium SUV.

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November 15, 2023

The announcement marks a pivotal moment in the automotive industry, showcasing a blend of high performance and innovative design. The ADVAN V35 tyres, known for their ultra-high performance, will be fitted on the front (285/40R22 110V) and rear (315/35R22 111V) of the Cayenne SUVs. Additionally, these vehicles will also feature the ADVAN Sport V107 tyres, further emphasizing the commitment to superior performance and safety.

The ADVAN V35, a jewel in the crown of YOKOHAMA's global flagship tyre brand, the ADVAN series, is engineered to enhance the driving experience across diverse road conditions, from dry to wet or snowy environments. Notably, these tyres come with the “M+S (mud & snow)” marking, a testament to their adaptability and reliability in various weather conditions.

A key aspect of this collaboration is the focus on fuel efficiency and safety without compromising drivability. The tyres have been developed in close partnership with Porsche, resulting in a tread pattern that is finely tuned for improved snow performance while maintaining optimal rolling resistance - a challenging feat in tyre design.

Each tyre bears the “NC0” mark, signifying Porsche’s seal of approval and a symbol of the high-quality standards met in this collaboration.

This strategic move is part of YOKOHAMA’s three-year medium-term management plan, Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023). Under this initiative, the company aims to maximize sales of its high-value-added tyres, particularly the ADVAN and GEOLANDAR brands. The adoption of these tyres as original equipment in new cars is a key strategy in this transformative journey.

For Porsche enthusiasts and the automotive industry, this partnership between YOKOHAMA and Porsche AG is more than just a tyre supply agreement. It represents a fusion of technological innovation and a commitment to enhancing the driving experience, setting a new benchmark in the luxury SUV segment.

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