Point S Unveils New Global Website: A Leap into Digital Excellence as Company Celebrates 53 Years

The introduction of Point S's new global corporate website is a significant development in the company's ongoing digital strategy, marking its 53rd year of operation.

This initiative underscores Point S's commitment to enhancing its online presence and improving the user experience for its partners, clients, and members. The website's design is both modern and user-friendly, aiming to simplify access to the company's extensive range of services and information.

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March 26, 2024

Fabien Bouquet, the CEO of Point S International, highlighted the role of the new website in reflecting the company's approach to innovation and its expanding global reach. The website is intended to showcase the diversity of Point S's operations and its presence in the international market, supporting the company's vision of being a leading figure in vehicle maintenance worldwide.

The focus of the website is on ease of use and accessibility, aligning with Point S's philosophy of providing stress-free services to its customers. It offers a comprehensive overview of the company's history, its international operations, business partnerships, and product offerings. The site also includes updates on the company's expansion into new markets and details on new global partnerships, emphasizing Point S's growth and its commitment to international markets.

Since its establishment in 1971, Point S has grown to become the world's largest independent network of vehicle maintenance specialists. With a history spanning over five decades, the company now operates 6,233 points of sale in 51 countries, employing more than 31,700 individuals. This global footprint is significant, and the new website aims to communicate this scale and the scope of Point S's services effectively.

The launch of the new website reflects Point S's dedication to innovation and improving customer service through digital means. It is a step towards strengthening the company's position in the global automotive service industry by providing a more engaging and informative online experience for its users.

For more information about Point S and its offerings, the company encourages visits to its newly launched website at www.point-s-group.com.

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