Point S Tyre & Autocare Strengthens Local Ties in Northern Ireland Through Collaborative Success

In Northern Ireland, Point S Tyre & Autocare is exemplifying the benefits of collaboration within the tyre and car maintenance industry. With eight dedicated members at the helm, this network continues to enhance its presence and drive individual business growth across the region. Operating under a business model that eliminates internal competition, these members ensure a secure environment for each to thrive.

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Point S Tyre & Autocare
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May 10, 2024

The network operates 11 centres throughout Northern Ireland, including well-known names such as A One Tyres, Lurgan Tyres, and Tyre Safety Centre, among others. These centres span the entire region, ensuring comprehensive coverage without overlapping services. This strategic setup promotes a strong sense of unity and mutual support among the members.

Simon Bingham, Branch Operations Manager at Lurgan Tyre Centre, highlights the close relationships that form the backbone of their operations. “The camaraderie within our group is pivotal. Whether it's sharing stock or picking up fleet business for one another, we operate as a team," Bingham notes. Frequent interactions, both in-person at events and remotely, foster a productive exchange of ideas and success stories, underpinning the group's collective success.

Echoing this sentiment, Mark Simpson, Director at Tyre Safety Centre, praises the Point S business model for fostering a non-competitive, supportive environment. “Our approach within the network is to share openly and support each other. This ensures that all members can prosper without the fear of internal competition,” Simpson explains.

In November 2023, Point S celebrated the unity of its Northern Irish members by featuring the logos of all eight on each member’s delivery vans, symbolising their collective strength and shared identity. This visible sign of unity not only promotes the individual centres but also highlights their affiliation with the larger Point S brand.

Moreover, these centres enjoy the exclusive right to sell Point S tyres—a popular, high-quality, and affordable option not available elsewhere in the region. This exclusivity provides a significant competitive edge in the market.

A One Tyres in County Down plays a critical role in sustaining this network by managing the daily distribution of tyres, components, and accessories to other member depots. Aaron Clydesdale, Operations Manager at A One Tyres, sheds light on the logistical efforts that reinforce the network’s cohesion. “Our delivery operations keep us in constant touch with other members, strengthening our collective identity,” says Clydesdale.

Wayne Daniel, Point S UK Operations Manager, reflects on the network’s growth and collaborative spirit. “It’s rewarding to see our vision for a collaborative network materialise here in Northern Ireland. Our members are not only committed to the Point S ethos but are instrumental in growing the network alongside their businesses,” he observes.

As Point S Tyre & Autocare continues to expand its footprint in Northern Ireland, the synergy among its members is setting a robust example of how collaborative efforts can lead to substantial mutual benefits in the automotive service industry.

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