Point S Launches 2024 Campaign Spotlighting Quality and Versatility of Point S Tyres

Point S gears up for an impactful year ahead, unveiling a comprehensive omnichannel communications initiative designed to underscore the excellence and adaptability of its private label Point S Tyres.

This strategic move aims to highlight the superior quality across their passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks range, encompassing Point S Summer, Winter, and 4 Seasons variants.

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Point S
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January 9, 2024

Expanding Tyre Horizons

Underlining their commitment to excellence, Point S has initiated an all-encompassing campaign emphasising the diverse benefits of their exclusive tyre range. Crafted in Europe, these tyres offer an extensive lineup catering to varying driving needs and weather conditions. The campaign, primarily featuring compelling video content, seeks to elucidate the advantages embedded in the product portfolio.

Video Campaign and Testing Insights

The campaign's inaugural video, crafted in collaboration with distinguished agencies Blue Max Media and Oozbo, accentuates the range's versatility, reliability, and performance metrics. Delving into crucial aspects such as rolling resistance, braking, and handling across dry, wet, and snowy terrains, the video aims to showcase the prowess of Point S Tyres.

Moreover, independent testing conducted by TÜV SÜD Product Service on the Point S Summer and Winter tyres provides illuminating insights. The rigorous assessments, benchmarking against budget, Tier 2, and premium tyres, revealed commendable performance levels. Notably, both Point S tyres surpassed budget and Tier 2 counterparts and demonstrated competitive equivalence with the premium tyre across various test parameters.

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