Pirelli Unveils the SCORPION Trail III

Pirelli, has once again set the bar high with the introduction of the SCORPION Trail III. Touted as the sportiest tyre from the SCORPION range for asphalt use, this latest offering is set to redefine the enduro street tyre segment.

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October 5, 2023

A New Era for Enduro Street Tyres

The SCORPION Trail III is not just another tyre; it's a testament to Pirelli's commitment to innovation and performance. Developed specifically for maxi enduros, this tyre promises unparalleled performance on asphalt while retaining commendable capabilities for light off-road use. Motorcyclists can expect this groundbreaking tyre to hit the market in January 2024, following its rigorous outdoor testing phase.

The enduro street segment has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, becoming a pivotal market segment. Recognising this trend, Pirelli has strategically focused on developing tyres that not only offer sporty road performance but also boast an off-road aesthetic. The SCORPION Trail III is a perfect embodiment of this vision, ensuring ease of use across diverse road conditions.

Technological Marvel Behind the Treads

At first glance, the aggressive tread of the SCORPION Trail III might catch your eye, but it's the technological prowess beneath that truly sets it apart. Drawing from its extensive experience in the 'big enduro' segment, Pirelli has incorporated the latest technologies, materials, and processes into this tyre. The result? A tyre that meets, if not exceeds, the highest market expectations.

Compared to its predecessor, the SCORPION Trail II, the Trail III offers significant enhancements. Riders can anticipate improved road handling and a sportier ride, courtesy of its superior grip. Wet conditions are no longer a challenge, with the tyre ensuring top-notch performance. Additionally, the SCORPION Trail III promises stability even under full load, seamlessly integrating with a machine's electronic systems. Off-road enthusiasts can also rejoice, as the tyre boasts enhanced abrasion resistance, making it ideal for dirt road adventures.

The Ideal Tyre for the Modern Motorcyclist

Designed for thrill-seekers, the SCORPION Trail III is perfect for those winding asphalt routes. It caters to motorcyclists desiring a tyre that offers exceptional performance in both dry and wet conditions, coupled with sporty behaviour and impressive mileage. Targeted at motorcycles with medium displacements and above (over 400cc) equipped with 19- or 21-inch front tyres, this tyre is perfect for long journeys and light off-road excursions. Moreover, Pirelli plans to expand the range in 2024 with 17-inch front and rear equipment dedicated to crossovers.

The SCORPION brand's legacy is rich, having been a frontrunner in off-road competitions, including the Enduro and Cross-Country World Championship and the Motocross World Championship. With the SCORPION Trail III, Pirelli continues this legacy, building on 40 years of leadership in off-road tyres and a whopping 81 world titles.

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