Pirelli Unveils P Zero Trofeo RS: The Ultimate Tire for High-Performance Road Cars

Pirelli has introduced the P Zero Trofeo RS, a high-performance tire designed for automakers looking to showcase the capabilities of their sports models. This tire, developed as an evolution of the P Zero Trofeo R, is primarily intended for original equipment use, allowing manufacturers to provide vehicles that are optimized for a sporty driving experience right from the start.

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July 6, 2023

The P Zero Trofeo RS offers enhanced performance and consistency in dry conditions compared to its predecessor. Pirelli's extensive experience in top-level motorsports has contributed to maintaining performance for longer periods, allowing for increased speed and safety during multiple track sessions. The tire's construction and materials, including the tread pattern compound, have been optimised for both road and amateur track use. Additionally, Pirelli's engineers have focused on ensuring safety in wet conditions, considering that this tire is intended for use on hypercars and supercars approved for road use.

The P Zero Trofeo RS from Pirelli.

Pirelli has applied innovative technologies to the P Zero Trofeo RS, drawing from its involvement in motorsport and offering them on demand to meet the specific requirements of each vehicle model.

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