Pirelli's Latest Innovation for SUVs Delivers Unmatched Performance and Environmental Responsibility.

Pirelli, has taken the automotive world by storm once again with the launch of their latest product: the Scorpion MS. Designed as a high-performance all-season tyre, the Scorpion MS is engineered specifically for the latest generation of premium and prestige SUVs.

Building on the legacy of the Scorpion Verde All Season and Scorpion Zero All Season, this revolutionary tyre incorporates Pirelli's Eco-Safety Design philosophy, delivering top-notch safety standards while minimising its environmental impact. The Scorpion MS boasts impressive features, including enhanced grip in both wet and dry conditions and significantly reduced rolling resistance compared to its predecessors.

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August 3, 2023

An Eco-Conscious Tyre for Every Market

Catering to the diverse demands of different regions, the Pirelli Scorpion MS has been crafted to offer a long tyre life, a characteristic highly desired by American drivers. Simultaneously, it ensures exceptional comfort, catering to the preferences of the Asian market. To cater to its SUV designation, the Scorpion MS is also designed for light off-road use and excels in snow driving conditions, making it a versatile option for all types of driving adventures.

Electrifying the Future of SUVs

With the world rapidly embracing electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, Pirelli is at the forefront of this automotive revolution. Remarkably, three out of four Scorpion MS tyres are specifically engineered for electric SUVs. For instance, Pirelli partnered with Maserati for their electric SUV, the Grecale Folgore, developing two unique Scorpion MS fitments with Elect technology. These tyres come in the sizes 255 50 R19 for all-around use and 255 45 R20 at the front and 295 40 R20 at the back, both equipped with Elect markings. This showcases the adaptability of the Scorpion family to the emerging era of electric mobility, with over 30% of the Scorpion range already featuring Elect markings. Other technologies integrated into various versions of the Scorpion MS include the Seal Inside anti-puncture system, Run Flat technology for continued driving with zero tyre pressure, and the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) to reduce cabin noise while driving. The Scorpion MS is future-ready and can accommodate Pirelli's innovative RunForward technology, which allows journeys to continue after a puncture, a crucial feature for electric cars that often lack a spare wheel due to battery space limitations.

A Tread Pattern for Every Season

The all-season capability of the Scorpion MS means drivers can avoid the hassle of changing tyres with the changing seasons. Pirelli's tyre experts invested extensive research and development into optimising both the tyre compound and tread pattern. The result is a remarkable formulation of polymers and resins that ensure outstanding grip, wet and dry braking, and improved performance on snowy surfaces. Pirelli has always been attentive to the comfort of their customers, and the Scorpion MS reflects that dedication. The tyre reduces noise levels by a remarkable 25% compared to the Scorpion Verde All Season, thanks to a customised pitch sequence, precisely spaced and angled main grooves, and a single-ply carcass that strikes a balance between lightweight and robustness. This innovative design enhances the driving experience and improves steering precision while maintaining low rolling resistance through optimised compounds and tread pattern. The tyre's uniform contact patch deformation under lateral and longitudinal forces ensures even wear throughout its entire life cycle, providing drivers with a consistent and enjoyable driving experience.

The Expanding Scorpion Family

The introduction of the Scorpion MS adds another chapter to the illustrious history of Pirelli's Scorpion tyre range. Tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of SUVs, the Scorpion family encompasses a range of variants for various weather conditions. Joining the Scorpion MS are the Scorpion (summer), Scorpion Winter 2, and Scorpion All Season SF2, catering to the needs of SUV owners across the globe.

As the automotive industry transitions towards electric mobility, Pirelli stands ready to lead the charge with tyres engineered to meet the unique demands of this new era. The Scorpion MS offers unparalleled performance, comfort, and longevity, making it the perfect choice for premium and prestige SUV owners seeking the ultimate driving experience.

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