Pirelli Partners with Porsche to Enhance Taycan Performance with New Elect Tyre Range

Pirelli has expanded its Elect range with the introduction of two new tyres, the P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS, designed exclusively for the Porsche Taycan. These tyres will be available on the Taycan Turbo GT, the most dynamic version within the model range. Engineered in partnership with the German automaker, these tyres aim to enhance the driving experience by improving performance and efficiency. Both models feature the Elect marking, indicating a suite of technological innovations tailored for electric vehicles, a concept first introduced in 2019 with the original Porsche Taycan.

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April 10, 2024

Enhanced Driving Dynamics and Efficiency

The P Zero R tyre is specifically developed for daily driving conditions, offering an optimal balance between sportiness and efficiency. This development draws on Pirelli's extensive experience in supplying tyres for high-performance vehicles, alongside the Elect technology package, which enhances vehicle aspects like comfort and battery range. The tyre's structure, including a double-ply carcass, is designed to support the Taycan's weight, ensuring stability at high speeds. A multi-compound tread, benefiting from Pirelli's Resin Blend technology, provides grip across a range of temperatures and road surfaces. This design also aims to reduce noise and rolling resistance, contributing to the vehicle's overall efficiency.

The P Zero Trofeo RS represents the track-focused counterpart, safe for road use but optimised for the racetrack. As the highest-performing tyre in Pirelli's road range, it incorporates compounds derived from motorsport products. The development process involved rigorous testing with Porsche's driving dynamic engineers and development driver Lars Kern, particularly focusing on performance at the Nürburgring. This tyre is designed to offer exceptional dry surface performance and cornering grip, with a construction that optimises the contact patch at high speeds.

Collaborative Innovation

The collaboration between Pirelli and Porsche in developing these tyres underscores a shared commitment to advancing electric vehicle performance. The tyres are part of an extensive range that Pirelli has developed for Porsche, reflecting the automotive industry's ongoing transition to electric mobility. Both the P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS are available in sizes 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21, joining a broad selection of Pirelli tyres designed to meet various driving needs and conditions for the Porsche Taycan.

This partnership highlights the critical role of tyre technology in enhancing the performance and driving experience of electric vehicles. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, collaborations such as this between Pirelli and Porsche are pivotal in driving forward innovations that cater to the unique requirements of electric mobility.

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