Pirelli P Zero E Crowned "Tyre of the Year"

The Pirelli P Zero E tyre has been awarded the prestigious "Tyre of the Year" prize at the 6th edition of the Automobile Awards. This recognition, presented at the Automobile Club de France in Paris, marks a significant milestone for Pirelli, a brand synonymous with high-performance tyres.

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December 21, 2023

The Pirelli P Zero E stands out as a champion of both technology and sustainability in the Ultra High-Performance (UHP) tyre category. This award was decided by a balanced jury of 20 members, equally comprising men and women, who collectively recognized Pirelli's commitment to performance, innovation, and sustainable development.

Innovations for a Sustainable Future

The P Zero E is not just any UHP tyre; it's a groundbreaking product that aligns with the latest trends in electric and sustainable mobility. This tyre is the first in its market segment to boast over 55% bio-based and recycled materials, significantly reducing reliance on fossil and mineral-derived ingredients by around 12 kilograms per tyre set.

Moreover, the P Zero E exhibits a remarkable 42% reduction in tyre wear compared to traditional UHP products by Pirelli. This not only extends the tyre's life but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Setting New Standards in Tyre Technology

Pirelli's innovation does not stop there. The P Zero E is adorned with a specific symbol indicating that it contains at least 50% sustainable materials. It's also the first UHP tyre to achieve a triple A rating on the European tyre label across its entire range, maintaining consistent performance throughout its lifecycle.

Designed specifically for battery-electric vehicles, each tyre in the range is marked with an "Elect" symbol, denoting characteristics like low rolling resistance and reduced noise - critical for electric vehicles. Additionally, Pirelli introduces RunForward technology, allowing drivers to continue their journey for up to 40km at 80 kph even after a puncture, enhancing safety and convenience.

A Leap Forward with Advanced Technologies

The creation of the P Zero E involved cutting-edge virtualization technologies, including artificial intelligence, neural networks, and driving simulation. Pirelli's R&D team extensively utilized machine learning to predict tyre performance under various driving conditions, even before creating a physical prototype. This approach allows for efficient and effective development of tyre solutions.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Future Goals

Receiving the award, Alejandro RECASENS, Pirelli’s West Europe Managing Director, expressed immense pride in this achievement. The P Zero E symbolizes Pirelli's dedication to sustainability, aligning with their ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality in their industrial processes by 2030 and decarbonizing their supply chain.

The Pirelli P Zero E tyre is set to be available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket starting January 2024, marking a new era in sustainable tyre technology for the automotive industry. This award not only celebrates Pirelli's innovation but also paves the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious automotive future.

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