Pirelli Equips Ferrari 296 Challenge and 499P Modificata with Cutting-Edge P Zero Tyres

The longstanding partnership between Pirelli and Ferrari continues to flourish, with Pirelli providing the bespoke P Zero tyres for the latest Ferrari 296 Challenge and 499P Modificata models. The Ferrari 296 Challenge will serve as the ninth racing model and the centerpiece of the esteemed one-make series, taking the reins from the 488 Challenge Evo, which was introduced in 2019.

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October 30, 2023

Pirelli has meticulously crafted a family of racing tyres specifically designed for the new 296 model. The development process closely followed the methodology used for the FIA Formula One World Championship, with a significant emphasis on virtualisation and simulation. This process was conducted in close collaboration with Ferrari’s engineers to ensure the tyres perfectly complemented the vehicle.

Two new tyre designs will be featured on next year’s 296 Challenge car: the P Zero slick for dry conditions and the Cinturato for wet or mixed surfaces. Both tyres have been expertly crafted to maximise grip, driveability, consistency, and performance across a variety of global circuits and conditions that the Ferrari Challenge encounters throughout the year.

The new Ferrari Challenge P Zero slick tyre boasts a stiffer design, increased grip, and consistently faster lap times, thanks to a wider front tyre that enhances turn-in capabilities. The latest Cinturato tyre is equipped with redesigned sipes, providing five per cent more water evacuation and a six per cent greater residual contact area, thus improving warm-up and wet traction.

Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ philosophy is evident in the bespoke tyres developed for the Ferrari Challenge model, which features a record-breaking 700 horsepower from a six-cylinder engine, 870 kilograms of downforce generated at 250 kph, and a Formula 1-derived braking system.

Additionally, Pirelli will supply bespoke 18-inch P Zero tyres for the Ferrari 499P Modificata, a limited-edition sports prototype developed for non-competitive use. The 499P Modificata made its debut at Mugello this weekend and is part of the newly launched Sport Prototipi Clienti programme.

Mario Isola, Pirelli’s Head of Motorsport, expressed pride in the continued collaboration between Pirelli and Ferrari, stating, “Car and tyre technology has moved on immeasurably during that time, but both Pirelli and Ferrari have remained true to the philosophy of using motorsport as an open-air laboratory to validate technical solutions that eventually find their way onto the road, also when it comes to design and development."

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