PIRELLI Concludes Its Tenure with WRC in 2024

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September 18, 2023

In a significant announcement for the world of motorsport, Pirelli has confirmed it will not be renewing its contract as the exclusive tyre supplier for the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) from 2025 to 2027. This conclusion to their partnership will mark the end of an era in 2024, as the Italian giant successfully fulfills the goals it had charted out at the inception of the current contract three years ago.

The renowned tyre manufacturer steps back from the World Rally Championship, but remains steadfast in its commitment to rallying globally.

Pirelli's journey with WRC has been both impactful and pioneering. As the sole tyre provider for the esteemed championship, Pirelli has been a critical player in shaping the performance, dynamics, and safety standards across numerous races and seasons. Their decision to not bid for the next contract cycle is undoubtedly noteworthy, given the stature and influence of the WRC in the world of motorsports.

However, while this chapter closes, Pirelli's story in the world of rallying is far from over. The brand's commitment to the sport remains unwavering. Pirelli is an active participant in over 350 motorsport championships globally and has reiterated its continued involvement in every other rally competition it currently graces.

A testament to this commitment is Pirelli's success in the FIA European Rally Championship (ERC) – a win clinched this year by Hayden Paddon, who manoeuvred his Pirelli-equipped Hyundai to victory. It's interesting to note that the ERC operates under the same promotional banner as the WRC and boasts participation from multiple tyre brands. This showcases the dynamic and competitive landscape Pirelli is actively engaged in, and where it continues to thrive.

Beyond the European scene, Pirelli's footprint in the rallying arena spans over 40 national rally championships around the world. Whether it's modern rally races or historic events, the brand's presence is felt far and wide.

While Pirelli's departure from the WRC may come as a surprise to many, their continued dedication to rallying globally is a reassuring sign for motorsport enthusiasts. As the tyre landscape evolves, and as championships across the globe redefine their affiliations and partnerships, one thing remains certain: Pirelli's passion for the sport and their commitment to excellence on the track.

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