Petlas Tire Ushers in a New Era for Truck and Bus Radials with Revolutionary Product Enhancements

Petlas Tire Corporation has recently announced updates to its truck and bus radial (TBR) tire line, marking a step forward in tire technology and performance.

These improvements are part of Petlas's ongoing efforts to meet the evolving demands of the transportation industry with a focus on durability and efficiency.

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Petlas Tire
Published on
April 2, 2024

The company has made significant advancements to the compounds used in its NZ300 tire pattern as of the end of 2023. These changes are designed to improve mileage performance, thereby setting a new benchmark for tire efficiency within the industry. This enhancement is expected to benefit fleet operators by offering a more durable and cost-effective tire solution.

Furthermore, Petlas has introduced a new tire size, 445/45 R19.5, to its NZ300 range. This addition aims to accommodate the specific needs of modern transportation vehicles, reflecting Petlas’s commitment to adapting its products to customer requirements and industry trends.

Petlas NZ300 445/45 R19.5

In addition to these updates, Petlas Tire Corporation is preparing to expand its high-mileage tire offerings with the release of the 295/80 R22.5 bus tires. These tires are engineered for the commercial transport sector and are expected to contribute to the operational efficiency and longevity of bus fleets.

The strategic updates to the TBR product line and the introduction of new tire sizes demonstrate Petlas’s dedication to innovation and quality in tire manufacturing. By enhancing tire performance and lifespan, Petlas aims to support the sustainability and efficiency goals of the transportation sector.

Industry stakeholders and customers interested in the updated NZ300 pattern or the upcoming 295/80 R22.5 bus tires are encouraged to visit Petlas Tire Corporation's website or contact an authorised Petlas dealer for further details.

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