Pata Prometeon Yamaha: Gearing Up for a Triumph in the 2024 Superbike World Championship

The Prometeon Tyre Group has reconfirmed its partnership with the Yamaha Official Team for the forthcoming Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) season. This collaboration, now entering its second year, has been elevated with the team officially adopting the name Pata Prometeon Yamaha.

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February 12, 2024

A Strengthened Partnership

Prometeon's dedication to the Yamaha team has grown since the initial partnership in 2023, showcasing a strategic collaboration that has yielded outstanding outcomes. This year, the relationship takes a leap forward, with increased brand visibility for Prometeon, starting from the eye-catching livery of the team's motorbikes.

The launch event, dubbed Prometeon Day, was not just a mere announcement but a celebration of this strengthened bond. It was attended by Paul Denning, the Team Principal of Pata Prometeon Yamaha, alongside their star riders: Jonathan Rea, a six-time FIM Superbike World Champion, and Andrea Locatelli, the FIM Supersport 2020 World Champion.

Comments from the Team

Paul Denning expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership, highlighting the increased brand exposure for Prometeon and the shared ambition for global brand recognition. "It is a precious opportunity to collaborate with Prometeon, a brand with such a significant footprint in production, R&D, and worldwide distribution," Denning remarked.

Jonathan Rea shared his excitement about representing Prometeon in the WorldSBK, noting his special connection with Italian fans and his eagerness to make a mark with the team. "I’m proud to represent them in WorldSBK, and I hope we’ll achieve great success together," Rea stated, underlining the synergy between his aspirations and Prometeon's support.

Aiming for the Top

The Pata Prometeon Yamaha team, buoyed by their 2021 SBK World Championship "Triple Crown" victory and the acquisition of Jonathan Rea, is set on reclaiming the pinnacle of WorldSBK success. Rea's record-breaking 119 victories and his ambition to add more laurels to the team's legacy underscore the high stakes for the upcoming season.

Beyond the Track

Prometeon's involvement in sports extends beyond the race track, encompassing partnerships across various sports disciplines. These collaborations are part of a broader strategy to enhance brand visibility, engage with fans, and create exclusive experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

The partnership between Prometeon and Yamaha, now more robust than ever, not only aims for triumphs on the track but also seeks to forge deeper connections within the motorsport community, showcasing the power of collaboration and shared goals in pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Q&A Pata Prometeon Yamaha: New Era in WorldSBK Partnership 2024

What is the new name of the Yamaha Official Team for the 2024 WorldSBK season?
The Yamaha Official Team has been renamed to Pata Prometeon Yamaha for the 2024 WorldSBK season, marking a strengthened partnership with Prometeon Tyre Group.

Who attended the Prometeon Day announcement in Milan?
The Prometeon Day announcement in Milan was attended by Paul Denning, the Team Principal of Pata Prometeon Yamaha, along with official team riders Jonathan Rea, a six-time FIM Superbike World Champion, and Andrea Locatelli, the FIM Supersport 2020 World Champion.

How does the partnership between Prometeon and Yamaha benefit both parties?
The partnership enhances Prometeon's brand exposure, starting with the team's motorbike livery, and aligns with their strategy for global brand recognition. For Yamaha, it represents a valuable collaboration with a leading industrial group, contributing to their development in production, R&D, and worldwide distribution.

What achievements does Jonathan Rea bring to the Pata Prometeon Yamaha team?
Jonathan Rea, joining Pata Prometeon Yamaha, brings a record of 119 WorldSBK victories and six World Championships titles, aiming to leverage his experience and success to propel the team to new heights in the championship.

How does Prometeon's involvement in sports extend beyond WorldSBK?
Besides WorldSBK, Prometeon is engaged in various sports partnerships, including being the Official Sponsor of WorldSBK, Official Tyre Partner of Italy’s national football teams, and Main Sponsor of the Parma Calcio football club. These partnerships are aimed at enhancing the brand's exposure and creating exclusive experiences for its stakeholders.

What was the significance of the "Triple Crown" won by Team Yamaha in 2021?
The "Triple Crown" won by Team Yamaha in 2021 in the SBK World Championship includes the Riders’, Manufacturers’, and Team titles, showcasing their dominance across all aspects of the competition that season.

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