Nova Motorsport Acquires Portuguese Tyre Manufacturer Camac

Nova Motorsport, has recently expanded its operations by acquiring Camac, a prominent national tyre manufacturer from Portugal. Known for its significant role in the specialist and motorsport tyre market, Camac's acquisition is a strategic move for Nova Motorsport following its recent acquisitions, including the brand licences for 'Avon Motorsport' and 'Avon Racing'. This step is indicative of Nova Motorsport's intent to broaden its capabilities and influence within the global specialist and motorsport tyre sector.

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Nova Motorsport
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April 10, 2024

Camac's facility in Palmeira, Portugal, with a capacity to produce over 500,000 tyres annually, is now set to play a central role in Nova Motorsport's strategy to reindustrialise the Avon Motorsport product line. This move aims to meet the demands of customers not just in Europe but worldwide, enhancing Nova Motorsport’s manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

The acquisition is portrayed by Nova Motorsport as a critical development in its pursuit to become a leader in the high-performance motorsport and specialist tyre market. James Weekley, Nova Motorsport's commercial director, expressed the acquisition's importance, stating, "The acquisition of Camac is a key milestone in implementing Nova Motorsport's global business strategy. It strengthens our position as an independent tyre manufacturer and accelerates the reindustrialisation of the Avon Motorsport product range."

Nova Motorsport is keen on innovation and quality, highlighted by its investment in technical expertise and the recommissioning of the Palmeira manufacturing site. Supported by its Global Technical Centre and headquarters in Holt, England, the company is focusing on ensuring the highest quality and performance of its products, aiming to push the boundaries of tyre technology further.

This strategic expansion by Nova Motorsport not only signifies its growth ambitions but also reflects its commitment to enhancing its product offerings and technological capabilities in the specialist and motorsport tyre industry. With the acquisition of Camac, Nova Motorsport looks to solidify its position in the market and contribute to the advancement of tyre technology for motorsport applications.

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