Nokian Tyres Unveils ELECTRIC FIT™ Symbol

In the fast-paced world of electric vehicles (EVs), the right tyres matter. Nokian Tyres, a leader in the industry, has unveiled the ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol for its top-tier tyres. This emblem is the result of ten years of research, ensuring EV drivers get the best tyres for their needs.

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Nokian Tyres
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August 17, 2023


This symbol, found on Nokian Tyres' premium products, guarantees that the tyres are perfect for both electric and traditional vehicles. It's Nokian Tyres' answer to the growing global demand for EV-specific tyres.

Jukka Kasi, from Nokian Tyres, said, "The ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol embodies our commitment to offering top-notch tyres for electric car enthusiasts."

Safety is Key

EVs, known for their battery weight and power, need tyres that can handle the pressure. Nokian Tyres ensures their products are up to the task.

Kasi notes, "Our core values remain the same: safety, efficiency, durability, and comfort. These are even more vital with the rise of EVs."

Trailblazers in Tyre Tech

Nokian Tyres has a rich history of innovation. They launched the world's first winter tyre in 1934 and the first winter tyre for EVs in 2014.

Kasi shares, "As the world's northernmost tyre company, we're driven by the challenges of winter. This shapes our entire product range."

The EV Revolution

Electric cars are becoming the norm. Kasi points to Norway, where 80% of new cars are electric, predicting a global trend.

Towards a Greener Tomorrow

Nokian Tyres is also championing sustainability. They're building the first zero CO2 emission tyre factory and have a concept tyre made of 93% green materials.

Teppo Huovila of Nokian Tyres says, "We're focusing on sustainable materials and methods. By 2030, we aim for half our product materials to be green."

ELECTRIC FIT™: The Tyre of Tomorrow

The ELECTRIC FIT™ symbol is Nokian Tyres' promise of top-tier performance for any vehicle. As the EV landscape changes, they're committed to offering the best tyres for the ride.

Learn more at Nokian Tyres ELECTRIC FIT™.

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