Nokian Tyres Rolls Out Soil King VF, Enhancing Efficiency for Farmers

Nokian Tyres has announced the launch of its new product family, the Soil King VF, specifically designed for high horsepower (HHP) tractors. This innovative line aims to set a new standard in tractor efficiency and productivity.

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Nokian Tyres
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May 7, 2024

Pioneering Technology Boosts Farm Efficiency

The Soil King VF series incorporates the unique Flexforce® VF technology by Nokian Tyres, a first in the tractor tyre sector. This advanced technology is designed to optimise tractor performance dramatically. By increasing the tyre's contact area with the ground, it minimises power loss and enhances the efficiency of agricultural operations. The new tyre range promises to deliver substantial improvements in both field and road performance.

Proven Excellence in Rigorous Testing

The performance of the Soil King VF tyres has been rigorously evaluated by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG), a leading agricultural society in Germany. Their tests have shown that these tyres outperform other premium agricultural VF tyres in several critical areas, including reduced wheel slip and lower fuel consumption. Additionally, they allow for a greater area to be treated per hour, confirming their superior efficiency and productivity.

Test users have also noted the tyres' soil-friendly attributes, their stability, and their enhanced road handling capabilities. These features enable operators to transport full loads at lower pressures and achieve higher speeds in both field and road settings, underscoring the tyres' adaptability and performance.

Industry Endorsements Highlight Revolutionary Impact

The introduction of the Soil King VF has already garnered positive reactions from industry leaders. Demonstrated on Fendt and Valtra tractors at Agritechnica 2023, the tyres received accolades for their exceptional performance. The Soil King VF is now available for AGCO’s modern tractor ranges, including the Fendt 728 Gen7 and Valtra Q and S series, ensuring compatibility with leading agricultural machinery.

Availability and Future Prospects

Currently, the Soil King VF range is available in eight common high-power tractor tyre sizes, with plans for expansion in the future.

Nordic Tyres will be stocking the new range over the coming weeks which will add to their extensive stock of Nokian Tyres.

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