Nokian Tyres Partners with Polestar in Pioneering Climate-Neutral Car Project

Nokian Tyres has announced its collaboration with electric vehicle manufacturer Polestar in the ambitious Polestar 0 project. This initiative, revealed in a press release earlier today, aims to produce the world's first climate-neutral car by 2030, marking a significant step in the fight against climate change.

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Nokian Tyres
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November 15, 2023

The Polestar 0 project is a bold endeavor that seeks to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and lifecycle of a car. This includes emissions from the supply chain, manufacturing processes, and the vehicle's end-of-life. Nokian Tyres, known for its commitment to sustainability, will contribute to this project by developing premium tires that are climate-neutral.

Teemu Soini, Head of Innovation and Development at Nokian Tyres, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, aligning it with the company's values and ongoing efforts in sustainability. "This type of partnership is a perfect match when it comes to Nokian Tyres’ values, business and our ambitious work on sustainability," Soini stated. He further emphasized the broader implications of the collaboration, noting that the innovations and research could lead to new methods for reducing carbon footprints in various business activities, potentially even before the project's 2030 goal.

Nokian Tyres has a rich history of innovation in the tire industry, having developed the world's first winter tire in 1934. The company has consistently focused on safe and sustainable driving, recently introducing the Nokian Tyres Green Step concept tire, which is composed of 93% recycled or renewable materials. With over a decade of experience in electric vehicle technology, Nokian Tyres is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the Polestar 0 project.

Soini further highlighted Nokian Tyres' commitment to sustainability, stating, "Nokian Tyres has shown sustainability leadership in the tire industry before, and we’re determined to do it again – this time by developing climate-neutral tires." He underscored the importance of innovation, creativity, and cross-industry collaboration in tackling the climate crisis.

Hans Pehrson, Head of the Polestar 0 project, also commented on the partnership, praising Nokian Tyres for their extensive work in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating energy-efficient, sustainable tires. "Their proven track record, experience, and knowledge will be very valuable for us in the Polestar 0 project," Pehrson said, expressing his eagerness to work with Nokian Tyres in developing the car of the future.

This collaboration between Nokian Tyres and Polestar represents a significant leap forward in the automotive industry's efforts to combat climate change. It sets a new standard for sustainability and innovation, paving the way for a future where climate-neutral vehicles are the norm.

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