Nokian Tyres Join Forces with Heuver Group to Strengthen Presence in French Market

In a strategic move to strengthen their presence in the French market and cater to the growing demands of heavy tire users, Nokian Tyres has announced a significant distribution partnership with the renowned French company, Heuver Tyres.

With Heuver's extensive experience in the French market and Nokian Tyres' commitment to delivering premium products and services, this collaboration is expected to bring substantial benefits to both companies and their customers.

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Nokian Tyres
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July 28, 2023

Heuver Tyres, a well-established player in the French market, has recently made considerable investments to bolster its resources, aiming for international expansion across agricultural and industrial sectors. Recognizing the importance of offering customers immediate access to their comprehensive product portfolio, Nokian Tyres has decided to enter into a strategic distribution agreement with Heuver Tyres for the French market.

Pierre Choubert, the Business Manager at Nokian Tyres, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Our product portfolio has expanded massively over the past five years and will continue to grow in the near future as well. Consequently, our customers have higher expectations for service, technical advice, and rapid response. To meet these changing dynamics, we had to revamp our distribution model."

This collaboration comes at a time when the industrial tire market is experiencing significant developments and shifts in the historic partner network, necessitating a more flexible distribution approach for Nokian Tyres.

Complementary Values for Success

The synergy between Nokian Tyres, Heuver Tyres, and the historical partner Sonamia is expected to create a robust and efficient customer service network, ensuring an enhanced presence in the French market for years to come. Pierre Choubert highlighted the significance of this combined effort, saying, "With the experience and service level of our historical distributor, Sonamia, and the addition of Heuver Group, we have found the perfect combination to improve our presence in the French market. We also share similar values with these well-structured family companies, which has laid the foundation for a successful partnership."

Pioneering Modern Agriculture

For years, Nokian Tyres has been at the forefront of developing premium products tailored to the needs of modern and intensive agriculture and industry. The continuous enhancement and promotion of these products require steadfast investments in research and development. Through this partnership with Heuver Tyres and Sonamia, Nokian Tyres is now well-equipped to provide its cutting-edge solutions to all its French customers.

Quality Products, Proudly Finnish

It's important to note that all tires produced by Nokian Tyres are a testament to Finnish innovation, research, and product development. Every Nokian Tyres' harbor tire is meticulously designed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art plant in Nokia, Finland.

The company's commitment to quality is further demonstrated by the prestigious 'Design From Finland' and 'Key Flag' symbols granted by the Association for Finnish Work, which adorn all Nokian Heavy Tyres heavy-duty tires and wheels. These symbols serve as a seal of excellence, affirming that the products are authentically designed and made in Finland.

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