Nexen Tire to Spotlight Diverse Tyre Range and Technological Innovations at The Tire Cologne

Nexen Tire is gearing up for a significant presence at The Tire Cologne from 4 to 6 June, situated in Hall 6 at Stand A010-B019. The company will display an extensive selection of its products, including summer, winter, all-season, and racing tyres, underscoring its versatility in the tyre manufacturing sector.

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Tire Cologne
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April 26, 2024

The company has announced it will hold two press conferences on the opening day of the trade fair, where it plans to unveil its latest winter tyre products. This launch is part of Nexen's broader strategy to strengthen its market position and showcase the breadth of its tyre range to potential customers and partners.

A key aspect of Nexen Tire's exhibition will be its focus on original equipment partnerships with leading car manufacturers. These collaborations are crucial as they highlight the trust and reliability that prestigious automotive brands place in Nexen's products.

Attendees at The Tire Cologne will have the unique opportunity to engage with Nexen's innovative exhibition area, which replicates the company’s advanced tyre production processes. This setup includes a realistic model of Nexen’s state-of-the-art plant in Žatec, Czechia, offering insights into the highly automated manufacturing techniques that enhance the efficiency and quality of its tyre production.

Adding to the interactive experience, a dedicated motorsport exhibition area will immerse visitors in the dynamic world of racing. This section will showcase Nexen’s involvement in motorsport events, particularly at the renowned Nürburgring circuit, and will highlight the high-performance capabilities of its tyres.

In line with current industry trends towards sustainability, Nexen Tire will also spotlight its commitment to eco-friendly mobility solutions. This includes products designed for electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as its achievement in earning the 'Green Tire' environmental label for its N'Blue 4 Season 2 tyre. This accolade recognises Nexen's efforts to reduce environmental impact in both tyre production and usage.

The design of Nexen’s stand at the expo is strategically planned to facilitate visitor flow from the open press conference area to the central hub of the stand, using a funnel-shaped layout that promotes engagement and interaction.

This comprehensive showcase at The Tire Cologne is set to reinforce Nexen Tire’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and customer engagement in the evolving global tyre market.

Nexen Tire is gearing up for a significant presence at The Tire Cologne from 4 to 6 June, situated in Hall 6 at Stand A010-B019

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