Nexen Tire Strengthens Global Influence as Full Member of GDSO for Tyres and Automotive Components

Nexen Tire, a leading global tyre manufacturer, has proudly announced its full membership in the Global Data Service Organisation (GDSO) for Tyres and Automotive Components. This strategic decision underscores Nexen Tire's stature as a frontrunner in the global tyre manufacturing arena and reinforces its dedication to driving industry advancements through cutting-edge technology.

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Nexen Tire
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February 20, 2024

The Global Data Service Organisation (GDSO) for Tyres and Automotive Components operates as an international non-profit association, concentrating on pivotal areas such as standardisation of data-related aspects concerning tyres, devising solutions for access and data exchange development, and advocating for the use of the GDS among external stakeholders. Furthermore, the organisation represents GDSO members in engagements with external entities and bodies.

Nexen Tire's commitment to becoming a full member of the GDSO exemplifies its active role in realising the association's objectives. The company aims to contribute significantly by furnishing reliable, up-to-date, and precise data for the tyre data management platform through purpose-built, continually improved applications.

DC Kim, Vice President of Nexen Tire Europe, expressed the company's dedication, stating, "By joining the GDSO as a full member and providing reliable data, we, as a tyre manufacturer, aim to make a positive contribution to the further development of the tyre industry and play an active role in shaping its trajectory."

Nexen Tire has been instrumental in setting new benchmarks within the tyre industry through its commitment to technical innovations. Notably, the integration of an RFID-linked serialised identifier into their tyres showcases the company's forward-thinking approach and commitment to enhancing industry standards.

As Nexen Tire embraces its role as a full member of the GDSO, industry stakeholders can anticipate collaborative efforts that will foster advancements and innovation within the global tyre manufacturing landscape.

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