New data reveals worrying trend in UK road safety ahead of Tyre Safety Month

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3 in 4 drivers in the UK are regularly putting themselves and other drivers at risk by not regularly checking their tyre pressure.

That’s according to exclusive data from UK auto firm Swansway Motor Group, who shared the figures to shed light on the need for increased tyre safety awareness.

“It’s alarming to discover that so many of us place so much trust into tyres we don’t check often enough”,

Matt Springhall, Aftersales Director at Swansway Motor Group.

As the primary touchpoint between car and tarmac, tyres ensure vehicle control, stability, and safety. When properly maintained, they enable effective acceleration and manoeuvring.

Neglected tyres, however, whether under-inflated, worn out, or damaged, can lead to skidding, longer stopping distances, or even blowouts - especially at higher speeds.

“Every time we drive, our safety, as well as that of others on the road, is at stake”, Springhall added. “We must prioritise tyre health not as an afterthought, but as a fundamental part of our driving routine.”

An easily fixable problem

Despite the critical importance of tyres, nearly 1 in 10 drivers (9%) never check their tyre pressure, a sobering figure that only amplifies the need for awareness amongst UK drivers.

Fortunately, tyre maintenance is straightforward and accessible. While 23% of respondents check their tyres monthly, all drivers can easily incorporate regular tyre checks into their routine.

For example, most petrol stations across the country come with air pumps and pressure gauges, making it simple for drivers to address any issues they may find. And when it comes to checking tyre tread, it can be as simple as using a 20 pence coin.

Knowledge is power

Springhall encourages all drivers, saying, “Knowledge is power this Tyre Safety Month. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate and check the unsung heroes of our cars. Just a few minutes of attention can ensure safer journeys for all.”

Key highlights of the research:

  • 75% of UK drivers don’t check their tyre pressure enough
  • 1 in 10 admit to never checking their tyre pressure at all
  • Over 10% of people admit to never checking tyre tread

Head over to the Swansway Motor Group website for more information about their Tyre Safety Survey results.

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