moveero's Innovative Solutions: A Legacy of Patented Engineering Excellence

In a bold stride towards advancing its product development programme, moveero, a trailblazing engineering organisation, reveals the pivotal role of its patented technology. The company, rooted in a history of groundbreaking innovations dating back to the early 1900s, has consistently led the market with its commitment to engineering excellence, backed by a rich portfolio of patents.

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February 22, 2024

Engineering Legacy Unveiled: From Sankeys to moveero

Originally known as Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd, moveero's journey traces back to 1908 when it patented and manufactured the world's first pressed steel wheel. This marked the inception of a long lineage of patents, shaping moveero's identity as a leader in the industry. The groundbreaking 'All Steel Wheel' emerged as a significant engineering breakthrough, produced at the Hadley Castle Works in Telford, which continues to be the heart of moveero's UK manufacturing operation.

A Commitment to Protecting Innovation

Moveero's dedication to protecting its technological advancements is evident in its extensive international Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. The company's belief in patents as a crucial business asset reflects its commitment to delivering unique, innovative solutions that provide real advantages to customers across various sectors.

Why Invest in Patents?

A patent, an Intellectual Property right, safeguards an invention, providing exclusive rights for up to 20 years. Moveero's investment in patents serves as both a measure of commitment and a statement of intent, ensuring customers receive authentic, high-quality products. IP protection offers reassurance and distinguishes moveero as a serious player in the market.

Diverse Portfolio: From Products to Processes

Moveero boasts a broad portfolio covering over 18 territories globally, including product patents like Profi-Fit, Profi-Line+, and Profi-Grip, each addressing specific customer challenges. The company also holds process patents, exemplified by the Hot Induction Forming patent, showcasing its commitment to innovation in manufacturing methods.

A Glimpse into moveero's Patented Products:

  • Profi-Fit (2008): Revolutionizing the installation of low-pressure tyres, Profi-Fit ensures a smooth transition and improved rim strength, reducing stress by 10%.
  • Profi-Line+ (2017): Designed for heavy-duty, high-load-bearing flotation tyres, Profi-Line+ offers a 20% higher loading capacity and a five-fold increase in fatigue life.
  • Profi-Grip (2015): Eliminating tyre-to-rim slippage, Profi-Grip ensures optimal power transfer from tractor to soil.

Process Patents and Complementary Accessories

In addition to product patents, moveero holds process patents, such as the Hot Induction Forming patent, showcasing its dedication to innovative manufacturing methods. Notably, moveero's USA team secured a patent in 2022 for their 'low profile driver system' design, providing a solution to a critical issue faced by one of the company's key global OEM customers.

The Chief Engineer's Perspective

Aaron Dahl, moveero's Chief Engineer in the USA, emphasized the importance of securing patents: "The innovative designs, features, and benefits that each wheel provides to customers are all unique, and only available from moveero." He highlighted how patents not only protect concepts but also serve as differentiators in the market.

A Legacy Reinvented: The Importance of moveero's Patents

moveero's commitment to innovation and process improvements, epitomised by its extensive patent portfolio, reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the industry.


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