moveero Profi-Line+ keeps high load-bearing tractors and trailers sector moving

Moveero has introduced its Profi-Line+ series, tailored specifically for the robust demands of high load-bearing flotation tyres used in the agricultural sector. These tyres are designed for extended durations of heavy-duty usage.

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May 9, 2024

The Profi-Line+ series achieves a 20% increase in load-bearing capacity and boasts a lifespan five times longer than traditional flotation wheels. The innovative design of the range integrates lightweight construction with superior strength, enhancing both the functionality and lifespan of the wheels.

According to John Madsen, Moveero's Engineering Director, the evolving requirements of the agricultural industry necessitate more durable and high-performing wheels. "As tractors and trailers are pushed to work harder and carry heavier loads for longer periods, it's crucial that they are equipped with wheels that can handle these increased demands. The Profi-Line+ stands out as the optimal solution for such rigorous conditions," Madsen explained.

A distinctive feature of these wheels is their 'bent-over' flange design and a dual radius at the bead seat area, which significantly improves stability and offers enhanced protection to the tyre during both operation and installation. Additionally, the wheels are designed to be 10% thinner than standard wheels, contributing to notable improvements in fuel efficiency.

These wheels are marked for high-speed compatibility up to 80 km/h and are ready for integration with the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), allowing for adjustments in tyre pressure to suit varying operational speeds and conditions. Moveero also offers options for further enhancements, such as capability for speeds up to 100 km/h, stronger discs for the most challenging environments, and a valve guard for increased protection.

Madsen further commented on the durability and aesthetic appeal of the Profi-Line+. "Not only does this range showcase an elegant design and enhanced surface protection, ensuring a durable finish even under tough weather conditions, but it also maintains its pristine appearance for an extended period, thereby meeting both the operational and aesthetic requirements of our clients."

The Profi-Line+ range promises to deliver a comprehensive solution for agricultural professionals, focusing on reducing operational costs and maintenance while ensuring reliability and longevity.

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