Moveero Pioneers Wheel and Tire Innovation for Autonomous Vehicles

In an era where autonomous vehicles (AVs) are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in off-highway applications, the need for innovative wheel and tire designs is more critical than ever. Moveero, a leading name in wheel technology, is at the forefront of this evolution, developing new, patented wheel technologies to meet the unique demands of AVs.

Traditional wheel and rim designs are often inadequate for the performance requirements of AVs. These vehicles typically require wheels that offer enhanced durability, strength, and longevity. Moveero's design team has risen to this challenge, evolving existing designs and processes to cater to these specific needs.

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November 24, 2023

In the world of autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), which are extensively used in port environments, the stakes are high. These vehicles operate non-stop, handling extreme loads in demanding conditions. A single AGV failure can significantly disrupt operations, making reliability, safety, and long-life performance paramount in wheel and tire design.

Moveero's R&D team, in collaboration with OEMs, tire manufacturers, and port authorities, has developed solutions tailored to these challenges. Gianpietro Bramé, Chief Engineer, Europe at Moveero, highlights the Infini-Forge wheel, a product of process innovation. Manufactured through a hot induction forming (HIF) process, these wheels offer superior strength and a lifespan twice that of conventional multi-piece wheels.

The manufacturing process of Infini-Forge wheels allows for greater design freedom and precision, placing material only where necessary. This results in increased rim strength without a significant weight increase, a crucial factor in the efficiency and performance of AGVs.

Beyond material handling, AVs are also gaining traction in surface mining, driven by the promise of increased productivity through continuous operation. Here, too, Moveero's strengthened wheel designs are proving essential in meeting the demands for reliability and durability.

The future of wheel technology in AVs looks even more promising, with developments in condition monitoring tools. Moveero is exploring technologies like sensors for crack detection and load monitoring, which could revolutionize maintenance practices in various sectors, including underground mining.

However, the application of AVs and their wheel requirements in sectors like agriculture presents a different set of challenges. The varied terrain and less predictable environment of farms, coupled with differing operational patterns, necessitate a distinct approach to wheel and tire design.

Moveero is considering the potential use of AVs in agriculture, possibly in tractors or specific operations like harvesting. This adaptation could address labor shortages and improve efficiency in agricultural practices.

Gianpietro Bramé emphasizes the importance of understanding each market's evolving needs. Moveero's commitment to working closely with OEMs, tire manufacturers, and end users ensures the development of solutions that are not only innovative but also perfectly tailored to each sector's unique challenges.

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