Michelin's Tire Safety Training: Transforming Roads in Ghana and Zambia

Michelin, a global leader in tire manufacturing, is reaffirming its commitment to road safety through its significant involvement in Transaid's road safety projects in Ghana and Zambia. Two Michelin Training Instructors, Paul Ryder and Stephane Bonnard, swapped their training center in Staffordshire, UK, for the sub-Saharan African regions to impart their wealth of tire knowledge to more than 40 driver trainers.

In an eight-day tire safety training program, Ryder and Bonnard delivered bespoke training sessions tailored to the needs of truck and bus driver trainers. The training was part of Transaid's "train the trainer" model, which focuses on developing local skills and knowledge.

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Michelin | Stephane Bonnard (left) swapped the Michelin Training and Information Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, for Ghana, as he delivered bespoke tyre safety training tailored toward the needs of truck and bus driver trainers.
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November 1, 2023

The instructors covered an extensive range of topics including understanding tire sidewall markings, vehicle configurations, wheel fixings, tire fitting procedures, and essential safety measures for vehicle jacking. They also taught the driver trainers how to assess tire wear and damage, interpret different wear patterns, and the importance of regular vehicle inspections and maintaining correct tire pressure.

Paul Ryder spent a week at the Industrial Training Centre (ITC) in Lusaka, Zambia, where he trained 16 professional driver trainers. Stephane Bonnard followed suit in Ghana, training 25 HGV driver trainers and road safety officials at the facilities of local haulier J K Horgle Transport in the port city of Tema.

The positive impact of these training sessions was evident from the feedback received from the participants. Ryder and Bonnard's sessions not only imparted valuable skills but also inspired confidence in the local driver trainers, who are now well-equipped to train the next generation of drivers.

This initiative is part of Michelin's ongoing commitment to road safety and is a testament to its 25-year-long association with Transaid, a development organization that works to improve transportation in Africa and other developing regions.

Transaid's work in Ghana began in 2021 and is part of a three-and-a-half-year project funded by the Puma Energy Foundation. The project aims to raise training standards and expand training capacity for HGV drivers in a country where approximately 98 percent of freight is transported by road.

As the online platform for the latest tire news and reviews, TyreNews.co.uk is proud to highlight Michelin and Transaid's invaluable work in improving road safety standards and training in Ghana and Zambia. These initiatives are a step towards creating safer roads and reducing the number of road accidents in these regions.

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