Michelin Unveils Ambitious New Advertising Campaign Showcasing Innovative Spirit

Michelin has unveiled its latest advertising campaign, "On the Road and Beyond!" The campaign, launched four years after the successful "Motion for Life" campaign, reinforces Michelin's commitment to innovation and showcases its cutting-edge advancements in material science and technology.

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May 16, 2024

The initial phase of the "Motion for Life" campaign celebrated movement and highlighted Michelin's extensive range of products and services. The new campaign, however, delves deeper, bringing to light the Group's unique expertise in material science and its application in groundbreaking technologies. Among these advancements are wheels for driverless vehicles designed for lunar exploration and massive wing-sails for merchant marine vessels aimed at reducing carbon emissions in maritime transport.

The campaign features a new brand film, a creative venture undertaken by the BETC advertising agency. Directed by filmmaker Henry Scholfield, the film combines dramatic, cinematic shots with sophisticated 3D technology to vividly depict Michelin's innovative spirit. This creative endeavour aims to transport the audience into the heart of Michelin's technological prowess.

The campaign will be launched in France on May 13, 2024, with a subsequent rollout in nine other countries, including Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Adeline Challon-Kemoun, a member of the Michelin Group’s Executive Committee and Head of Corporate Engagement, Brands and Lifestyle Activities, emphasised the campaign's reflection of Michelin's core values. "Our brand campaign reveals exactly what defines Michelin – a Group in motion, whose innovation is one of its primary driving forces. This innovative, universal and optimistic strength, which has been its lifeblood for the last 135 years, shapes the future of our Group. In the future, Michelin will propose products which are ever-more high-tech, innovative and environmentally-friendly. This is the meaning behind the campaign, showcasing a few of these products."

Rémi Babinet, Founding Chairman of BETC, expressed enthusiasm about the project. "Inventing a new dominion for a brand as universal as Michelin is any advertiser’s dream, especially at a time

when the brand has never been as influential or future-oriented. We all knew that tyres could take us far, but we never imagined just how far!"

As the campaign unfolds across various platforms and countries, it promises to engage a global audience, reaffirming Michelin's role in shaping the future of mobility and environmental stewardship.

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