Michelin Expands CROSSGRIP Range with Two New Sizes for Versatile Applications

The versatile MICHELIN CROSSGRIP range, designed for industrial, agricultural, and handling purposes, is expanding its offerings to cater to a wider range of vehicles.

The two new dimensions being introduced are the 480/70R20 and 480/80R26, suitable for a variety of equipment types, including mini loaders, reach forklifts, and agricultural tractors with a horsepower capacity of up to 200 HP.

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July 18, 2023

The Michelin CROSSGRIP tyres are well-suited for use on different terrains, be it roads, grass, or snow, making them a part of Michelin's compact tyre category. Their unique technology incorporates deep grooves and a novel rubber compound that deliver top-notch performance, irrespective of weather conditions. Additionally, these tyres prioritise the safety and comfort of machine operators while providing excellent grip on slippery surfaces and ensuring overall protection. The result is heightened productivity and enhanced usability.

The tyre's radial structure enhances manoeuvrability on hard surfaces and at higher speeds, contributing to better handling. Furthermore, the MICHELIN CROSSGRIP tyre is designed to improve energy efficiency in both combustion engine-powered and electric machines, thanks to its low rolling resistance. This feature not only reduces fuel consumption but also extends the range of electric vehicles, making it a sustainable choice.

To validate its capabilities, the new range underwent rigorous testing, specifically assessing grip and braking performance on compact snow. As a result, it has received the official M&S certification, further attesting to its reliability, particularly under winter conditions.

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