Michelin Connected Fleet Partners with Scottish Water to Accelerate Electric Transition

Michelin Connected Fleet, a leader in fleet management solutions, has announced a four-year partnership with Scottish Water to enhance the utility company's fleet performance and expedite its shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and zero-emission alternatives.

This collaboration marks a significant step in Scottish Water's decarbonisation strategy, aiming to transition its extensive mixed fleet of 2,000 vehicles to electric power.

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Michelin Connected Fleet | Scottish Water is rolling out MICHELIN Connected Fleet across its 1,300 vans, 200-plus trucks and trailers, and 500 specialist pieces of plant.
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February 1, 2024

Strategic Move Towards Decarbonisation

Scottish Water, the provider of water and wastewater services to over 5 million customers across diverse Scottish regions, is set to implement Michelin Connected Fleet's technologies across its 1,300 vans, more than 200 trucks and trailers, and 500 specialist plant pieces within the next six months. The initiative is part of Scottish Water’s broader effort to achieve a zero-emission fleet, aligning with its ambitious environmental targets.

Enhancing Fleet Efficiency and Safety

The partnership leverages Michelin Connected Fleet's advanced suite of solutions to support critical decisions about transitioning to EVs, focusing on battery charging and range performance data analysis. Additionally, the tools aim to foster improvements in driver behaviour, ensuring safety and efficiency across Scottish Water's operations.

Elaine Pringle, Fleet Manager at Scottish Water, highlighted the anticipated benefits of this collaboration, noting the importance of the fleet management tools in providing essential insights for the EV transition. "The reporting capabilities will offer invaluable insights for introducing EVs and planning the necessary charging infrastructure," Pringle said, underscoring the potential for enhanced vehicle utilisation, cost reductions, route optimisation, and CO2 emission reductions.

Proven Success and Future Goals

Following a successful two-year trial of Michelin Connected Fleet's EV transition tools, which resulted in the replacement of over 100 internal combustion engine-powered vans with EVs, Scottish Water is optimistic about the future. This long-term partnership aims to build on these initial successes, with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Gilson Santiago, CEO of Michelin Connected Fleet, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising the role of their connected fleet management tools in promoting sustainable fleet operations. "Our services and data insights will be incredibly useful in Scottish Water's ongoing EV transition programme," Santiago remarked, highlighting the shared commitment to environmental responsibility.

This strategic alliance between Michelin Connected Fleet and Scottish Water represents a significant advancement in the utility sector's journey towards sustainability and efficiency, setting a precedent for others in the industry to follow.

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