Micheldever Group Leases New Connect-70 Warehouse in Bellshill, Scotland

Micheldever Group, a significant tyre wholesaler in the UK, has recently announced its decision to lease the newly constructed Connect-70 warehouse, located in the heart of Bellshill, Scotland. This move showcases the company's dedication to increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and corporate responsibility.

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August 3, 2023

The Growing Need for Increased Warehouse Space

With the business expanding at a rapid pace, the necessity for larger distribution centre became quite clear, especially considering the rising demand for same-day and next-day tyre deliveries. Ever wondered why Bellshill was chosen? Well, it's all about location and access. Plus, as a brand-new build, it offers the potential to incorporate cutting-edge technology, improving efficiency and playing a part in environmental sustainability.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Dave Haddock, the logistics director of Micheldever Group Limited, emphasizes the company's ambition to cut their carbon footprint in half by 2030 and aim for a complete reduction by 2050. This new warehouse is a significant step towards this commendable goal.

Connect-70 Warehouse: A Quick Overview

Key Design and Sustainability Features

The Connect-70 warehouse, a sprawling 72,733 sqft development situated on a 4.13-acre site, has been designed with sustainability at its core. It aims to achieve EPC A and BREEAM 'Very Good' ratings, and it embodies several sustainable features, including EV charging points, a roof-mounted Photovoltaic system, and Air Source Heat Pumps. These features mean the building can be heated without the use of fossil fuels - an innovative way to keep things green, don't you agree?

Infrastructure and Amenities

The warehouse design considers the needs of modern logistics operators. With 12-meter eaves, six dock loading bays, two level access doors, and spacious first-floor offices, it ensures a smooth and efficient operation. The site also boasts a 50-metre-deep concrete surfaced yard, 16 trailer parking bays, and 42 car parking spaces. This includes eight EV charging and three disabled parking bays.

Micheldever Group Leases New Connect-70 Warehouse in Bellshill, Scotland | Image: WEST Ranga Management

Micheldever's Business Expansion

Increasing Efficiency with Advanced Technology

Micheldever's lease of the Connect-70 warehouse is a strategic move. With advanced technology in a brand-new setting, the company will significantly enhance its logistic business efficiency.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The Group's commitment to environmental sustainability is more than just a corporate statement. The new warehouse, with its sustainable features, allows Micheldever to actively participate in reducing its carbon footprint.

Role of Colliers Scottish Industrial & Logistics Team

Early Identification and Acquisition of Prime Industrial Asset

Iain Davidson, a director at Colliers, pointed out how Micheldever's expansion led to the necessity of a highly specified, sustainable warehouse with excellent motorway connectivity. Thanks to Colliers' expertise and market knowledge, they were able to identify and secure the Connect-70 warehouse for Micheldever at an early construction stage.

The Impact on Micheldever Group and the Scottish Economy

Improved Business Operations

With the new warehouse, Micheldever will not only be able to improve its logistics operations but also provide more prompt and efficient service to its customers. This move is likely to bolster their market position and competitiveness.

Promoting Sustainable Development

By choosing a sustainably designed warehouse, Micheldever is contributing to sustainable development in Scotland and beyond, setting a precedent for other businesses to follow.

The Future of Micheldever Group and Connect-70 Warehouse

Continued Growth and Sustainability Initiatives

As Micheldever continues to grow and expand, it's likely that the Connect-70 warehouse will play a significant role in their sustainability initiatives.

Building Towards a Brighter, Greener Future

With an eye on the future, Micheldever Group's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and investing in sustainable infrastructure positions them as a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Visit: https://www.micheldevergroup.co.uk/
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