MAXAM Showcases Innovative Tyre Ranges at AGRITECHNICA 2023

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November 21, 2023

MAXAM, a prominent Chinese tyre manufacturer under the SAILUN Group, recently made a significant impact at AGRITECHNICA 2023, the leading international trade fair for agricultural technology.

The event, which ran from November 12th to 18th, served as a platform for MAXAM to exhibit its latest advancements in tyre technology, particularly focusing on its AgriXtra, FlotXtra, and MS tyre ranges.

Pioneering Tyre Technology for Agriculture

At the heart of MAXAM's showcase were the AgriXtra, FlotXtra, and MS tyre ranges, each designed to substantially boost the performance of agricultural vehicles. These ranges are the result of extensive research and the expertise of MAXAM's engineers, aiming to contribute to a more efficient, productive, and sustainable agricultural future.

AgriXtra Range: Enhancing Field Performance

The AgriXtra range, including the MS951R - R1W Radial Drive Tire, is known for its extra-wide profile, providing high flotation and traction. This range is designed with a premium 45° lug profile, ensuring excellent traction and minimal vibration during road use. The low pressure and wide footprint of these tyres significantly reduce soil compaction, making them ideal for various agricultural applications.

FlotXtra: Stability and Durability

The FlotXtra range, exemplified by the MS961R - Radial Implement Tire, features all-steel-radial flotation implement tyres, ideal for agricultural tanker and trailer applications. These tyres are known for their long tread life, high stability, and resistance to punctures and field hazards. The optimized non-directional block tread pattern ensures excellent field traction while minimizing vibration at roading speeds.

MS Range: Versatility and Resistance

The MS range, including the MS909R Agro-Industrial Radial and MS918R L4 Skid Steer and Backhoe tyres, offers versatility and durability. These tyres are designed for high traction in agricultural applications, with features like an open center design for soft soil traction and reinforced lug centerline for hard surface grip and stability. The all-steel radial construction provides a wide, flat footprint, protecting against punctures and ensuring minimal ground disturbance.

A Step Towards Sustainable Agriculture

MAXAM's innovative tyre ranges represent a significant step towards more sustainable agricultural practices. By reducing soil compaction and enhancing vehicle performance, these tyres contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of the agricultural sector.

As the world moves towards more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices, the innovations showcased by MAXAM at AGRITECHNICA 2023 highlight the crucial role of advanced tyre technology in this transition.

The AgriXtra, FlotXtra, and MS tyre ranges from MAXAM not only enhance the performance of agricultural vehicles but also contribute significantly to a more sustainable future in agriculture.


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