MAXAM Introduces VF560/60 R22.5 and VF600/55 R26.5 Sizes to AGILXTRA I-3 Implement Series

Revolutionary VF Technology Boosts Load Capacity and Soil Conservation

MAXAM Tire has expanded its AGILXTRA I-3 implement product series with the introduction of innovative VF sizes: VF560/60 R22.5 and VF600/55 R26.5.

This enhancement incorporates MAXAM's AGILXTRA VF technology, catering to I-3 flotation and heavy-load implement tires. The integration of VF technology empowers these tyres to carry heavier loads at high speeds, simultaneously enhancing traction and mitigating soil compaction.

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February 21, 2024

MAXAM's AGILXTRA series has gained acclaim for its radial tyres, featuring a steel-belted construction and a directional tread design. These attributes contribute to prolonged treadwear, heightened stability, and exceptional resistance to punctures and field hazards. The optimised tread pattern ensures outstanding field traction, road performance, and self-cleaning capabilities while minimizing vibrations during high-speed transport.

The addition of VF Technology to the AGILXTRA series marks a significant milestone. The new sizes allow implements or tankers to either carry 40% more tyre load at standard air pressures or operate with 40% less air pressure for an equivalent tyre load, resulting in a substantial reduction in ground pressure. This technological advancement enables the tyres to excel in heavier load or higher-speed applications, ultimately fostering increased productivity and crop yields while lessening the impact on soil conditions.

Greg Gilland, Vice President of Global Agriculture at MAXAM Tire, expressed, "With the AGILXTRA series now featuring VF technology, Maxam once again fulfils its commitment to design the most capable solutions for the agricultural industry. The incorporation of VF technology into our AgriXtra family and the new AGILXTRA I-3 implement products underscores Maxam's dedication to delivering business solutions for the global agricultural market and the future of the industry."

This strategic move by MAXAM is poised to redefine the standards in the agricultural tyre industry, offering farmers and agricultural professionals cutting-edge solutions to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

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