Maserati Partners with Continental for Premium Tyres on Its Latest Luxury SUV, Grecale

Maserati has chosen Continental, a leading tyre manufacturer, to equip its newest luxury SUV, the Grecale. This partnership underscores the importance of quality and performance in the luxury automotive sector.

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October 2, 2023

Continental's Expertise in Original Equipment

Maserati's decision to rely on Continental’s original equipment expertise is a testament to the latter's reputation in the industry. The Grecale will come fitted with tyres from Continental’s CrossContact series right from the factory. This series is renowned for its superior handling capabilities, both on and off the road. Continental has secured global original equipment approval for two of its tyres: the CrossContact LX Sport in 19 inches and the CrossContact RX in 21 inches. Additionally, the Maserati Grecale will also feature the EcoContact 6 in 20 inches, a tyre specifically designed for energy efficiency and noise reduction, making it an ideal choice for the Grecale's hybrid variant.

The EcoContact 6 stands out for its energy-saving capabilities.

Meeting the Demands of Luxury and Performance

The Maserati Grecale, like other vehicles in its class, demands a lot from its tyres. Factors such as high kerb weight, rapid acceleration, and top-tier performance mean that the tyres need to be up to the task. Continental’s CrossContact series promises short braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces. Its reinforced sidewall offers protection against potential damages, such as stone chips, making it suitable for light terrains. The series also boasts an adapted tread pattern that ensures low rolling resistance and an even sipe arrangement on the tread to minimise rolling noise.

EcoContact 6: The Green Choice for the Grecale

The EcoContact 6 stands out for its energy-saving capabilities. Its unique rubber compound minimises energy absorption during driving, reducing friction and rolling resistance. This translates to decreased energy consumption in traditional vehicles and extended ranges in electric ones. The tyre doesn't compromise on performance either, offering short braking distances, reliable grip on various road conditions, and impressive cornering stability even at elevated speeds. Its optimised tread design further reduces the tyre’s rolling noise.

Approved Tyre Specifications for the Maserati Grecale:

  • CrossContact LX Sport: 235/55 R 19 101W FR MGT
  • CrossContact RX: 255/40 R 21 102W MGT
  • CrossContact RX: 295/35 R 21 107W MGT
  • EcoContact 6: 255/45 ZR 20 105W XL MGT
  • EcoContact 6: 295/40 ZR 20 110W XL MGT

As Maserati continues to push the boundaries of luxury and performance with the Grecale, Continental's premium tyres promise to deliver the safety, efficiency, and performance that drivers expect. The future of luxury driving looks promising with such collaborations.

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