Marangoni's Ringer 2000 Transforms Volánbusz Hungary's Operations

In an effort to enhance retreading operations at Volánbusz Hungary, the global tyre industry leader, Marangoni, has introduced the cutting-edge Ringer 2000 machine at the Győr facility.

The Ringer 2000, equipped with Marangoni's exclusive RingTread system, promises to revolutionize Volánbusz's retreading process, boosting standardization and productivity. Notably, it is a significant upgrade from the previous RingTreader 1000.

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August 1, 2023

Leo Linkesch, the area manager at Marangoni, highlighted the machine's advantages, pointing out that the Ringer 2000 offers a more balanced ring arrangement on the casing, thanks to its ten jaws, compared to the previous eight.

Volánbusz's technical plant manager, Tamás Kovács, expressed optimism about the upgrade, recognizing the long-serving capabilities of the RingTreader 1000 but embracing modernity with the new Ringer machine. Kovács stated, "With the new Ringer machine, we are stepping into a more sophisticated era of retreading."

Volánbusz Hungary, the country's largest public passenger transport company, operates approximately 6,000 buses nationwide. The company's primary objective is to elevate the quantity and quality of its RingTread tyre production, catering especially to its extensive bus fleet.

This strategic move aligns seamlessly with Volánbusz Hungary's unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Kovács further emphasized, "Retreading is a sustainable business practice that allows us to recover tyres after their first life, ultimately saving energy and raw materials and significantly reducing waste."

By adopting the Ringer 2000, Marangoni and Volánbusz Hungary pave the way for more efficient, eco-conscious operations while ensuring the utmost safety and reliability for their passengers.

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