Magna Tyres Introduces Innovative In-House TPMS for Enhanced Fleet Management

Revolutionising Fleet Operations with Real-Time Monitoring

Netherlands-based Magna Tyres has announced the launch of its own Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), a state-of-the-art solution designed to enhance fleet management through continuous, real-time monitoring of tyre performance. The Magna TPMS stands out with its unique features, offering unparalleled insights and operational efficiency for fleet managers across various industries.

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Magna Tyres
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January 18, 2024

A Leap in Tyre Pressure Monitoring Technology

Continuous and Reliable Monitoring

At the core of Magna TPMS is its ability to offer 24/7 operational insights into a fleet's tyre performance and overall machine health. This system is distinguished by its innovative rechargeable power source, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring even when vehicles are powered down or isolated. The technology provides real-time data on tyre pressure and temperature, alerting managers to moderate and extreme readings, thus enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Beyond Traditional Systems

Magna TPMS goes beyond standard monitoring systems by serving as a comprehensive platform for tracking vehicle usage throughout its lifespan. This includes insights into individual tyre status and the overall condition of the machine or fleet, ensuring enhanced asset management and security.

Key Benefits of Magna TPMS

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

The system plays a critical role in improving safety by allowing early detection of potential tyre issues, thereby reducing downtime and improving efficiency. It also aids in managing scheduled maintenance and responding swiftly to unscheduled downtime.

Legal Compliance and Cost-Effectiveness

Magna TPMS aids in meeting legal requirements by highlighting potential problems and preventing load capacity exceedance. Moreover, it is designed for easy installation with a 'plug & play' approach, making it universally compatible and ensuring swift deployment.

Fuel Efficiency and Extended Tyre Life

Proper tyre inflation monitored by Magna TPMS leads to extended tyre life and improved fuel efficiency, significantly reducing operational costs.

Installation and Connectivity

Quick and Universal Installation

The system's universal components enable quick installation in less than an hour per machine, without the need for tyre removal. Its innovative design includes a special T-Valve that allows for tyre inflation and deflation without removing the sensor.

Always Connected

Magna TPMS maintains connectivity through GPS and cellular networks, ensuring continuous tracking even in challenging environments like underground operations. The system's built-in battery in the Magna Gateway keeps it running when the machine is turned off, recharging during operation.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Fleet Management

Magna TPMS represents a significant advancement in tyre pressure monitoring and fleet management. It stands as a testament to Magna Tyres' commitment to innovation, safety, and operational efficiency. Fleet managers can contact Magna Tyres representatives to explore how this system can revolutionize their fleet operations with enhanced precision, confidence, and control.

“Don’t just operate; operate with precision, operate with confidence, operate with Magna TPMS!”

- Magna Tyres

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