Magna MB410 Construction Tyre Expands Range with New Size Availability

The Magna MB410 construction tyre has announced the introduction of a new size, 21L-24, to its already diverse range. Known for its robust performance in challenging off-road conditions, the Magna MB410 has become a staple in the fleets of those utilising telescopic handlers, compact wheel loaders, and backhoe loaders.

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Magna Tyre
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February 2, 2024

Enhanced Features for Tough Conditions

The Magna MB410 tyre is distinguished by its bias construction and a modified tread pattern designed for superior traction and flotation on softer surfaces. This adaptation ensures optimal performance even in the most demanding environments. The tyre's deep tread pattern is complemented by self-cleaning mud breakers and a wear- and cut-resistant compound, enhancing durability and reducing maintenance needs.

A Closer Look at the New Size

The introduction of the 21L-24 size is a response to customer demand for a tyre that can handle heavier loads while maintaining the MB410's hallmark performance features. Like its predecessors, this new size boasts improved stability and side impact resistance, which translates to longer tread life and better traction. The tyre's reinforced sidewall and robust nylon casing further contribute to its resistance to road hazards and its extended lifespan. Additionally, the high-tech casing design minimises heat build-up, ensuring the tyre's longevity and enhancing operator comfort through improved load performance.

Availability and Compatibility

The Magna MB410 range was already comprehensive, with sizes including 17.5L-24, 19.5L-24, 18.4-26, 16.9-24, and 16.9-28. The addition of the 21L-24 size offers even greater flexibility for construction fleets. This new size is currently in stock and available for order, providing an immediate solution for those looking to upgrade or expand their tyre capabilities.

Operators and fleet managers are encouraged to contact their sales representatives for availability information in their region and to ensure compatibility with their specific equipment needs.

The expansion of the Magna MB410 tyre line with the new 21L-24 size underscores Magna's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the construction industry. With its enhanced features and proven performance, the Magna MB410 continues to be a top choice for professionals seeking reliability and durability in off-road conditions.

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