Machine Mart Expands Catalogue with Innovative Clarke MIG103NG MIG Welder

Leading UK Equipment Retailer Introduces Versatile Welder Ideal for Automotive and General Fabrication

Machine Mart, a renowned supplier of garage equipment in the UK, has announced the addition of the Clarke MIG103NG MIG Welder to its extensive catalogue. The introduction of this welding unit marks a significant expansion in the retailer's range, offering a practical solution for both automotive and general fabrication needs.

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January 24, 2024

Compact and Gas-Free Welding Technology

The Clarke MIG103NG distinguishes itself by its compact design and the elimination of the need for a gas cylinder. This innovative feature not only makes the welder easy to transport and store but also simplifies its operation. Utilising flux cored steel welding wire, the MIG103NG creates its own gas shroud as the wire burns, enabling efficient steel welding without external gas. This technology ensures optimum performance and reliability, particularly beneficial in varied welding environments.

High Power for Effective Performance

Capable of delivering a maximum power output of 90Amps, the Clarke MIG103NG is adept at welding mild steel up to 4mm thick. This power range makes it an ideal choice for a wide array of welding tasks, from intricate automotive work to more demanding general fabrication projects.

Comprehensive Package for Immediate Use

The MIG103NG is available as a complete package, ensuring users have everything they need to start welding right away. The package includes a welding torch, two 0.9mm torch tips, an earth clamp, a two-piece welding mask, a mini spool of Flux cored wire, and a wire brush/hammer. This comprehensive set underscores Machine Mart’s commitment to providing ready-to-use, professional-grade tools.

For more information about the Clarke MIG103NG MIG Welder and other products offered by Machine Mart, interested parties can visit their website at The website offers detailed specifications and purchasing options for this latest addition to their catalogue, alongside a wide range of other high-quality garage equipment.

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