Lilium and Michelin Forge Groundbreaking Partnership for eVTOL Jet Tyres

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November 10, 2023

Lilium, a leading eVTOL (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft manufacturer, has joined forces with Michelin, the renowned tyre manufacturer, to produce custom tyres for the revolutionary Lilium Jet. This collaboration marks a significant step in the evolution of sustainable aviation technology.

The partnership, which has been in the works for over a year, culminates in a comprehensive agreement encompassing design, serial production, and support of the Lilium Jet tyres. This venture leverages Michelin's century-plus experience in the aeronautical sector, promising to deliver an innovative tyre solution that meets the stringent demands of safety, weight, and reliability essential for the Lilium Jet. The first batch of these bespoke tyres is expected to arrive at Lilium's facilities this month.

In the realm of eVTOLs, where weight and performance are paramount, the collaboration aims to maximise weight efficiency across every aspect of the jet. The Michelin-produced tyres are touted to offer unparalleled weight efficiency, perfectly aligning with Lilium's payload goals. These tyres are uniquely engineered to support safe vertical take-offs and landings, ensuring top-tier performance while adhering to strict weight constraints.

Michelin's commitment to innovation and sustainability is further evidenced in its foray into the burgeoning eVTOL industry. The synergy between Michelin's expertise and Lilium's vision is set to redefine aerospace tyre design and integration standards.

Sophie Bréchoire, President of Michelin Group's aeronautic activities, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: “The Michelin tyre designed for the Lilium Jet is truly one-of-a-kind and a major advancement in this critical aviation component. It marries the challenge of lightweight construction for eVTOL aircraft with the renowned quality and reliability of Michelin aircraft tyres. This collaboration, which will introduce new standards in durability for aircraft tyres, is a perfect illustration of the Michelin Group's strategy of supporting the transformation of aviation to make it more sustainable.”

Klaus Roewe, CEO of Lilium, also shared his thoughts: “We are proud of the innovation and development work completed alongside Michelin that has culminated in this agreement. This critical component, which will help to mobilize and operate our jet at our required specifications and performance levels, serves as a confirmation of our unrelenting pursuit of innovation and sustainability in regional air mobility.”

As the world watches, this collaboration could very well set the tone for the future of eco-friendly air travel.

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