Levidian Breaks New Ground with Graphene-Enhanced Truck Tyre Prototype

In a significant stride towards the future of sustainable automotive technology, UK-based climate tech frontrunner Levidian has revealed a groundbreaking prototype truck tyre that integrates net-zero graphene with carbon black in a revolutionary tread formulation. This innovative approach promises to set a new benchmark for greener, high-performance tyres, marking a pivotal moment in the quest for eco-friendly commercial transportation solutions.

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Levidian | (L to R) Ellie Galanis (Director of Commercial Development), Jamie Schreiber (Process Engineer) and Peter Osborne (Business Development Manager).
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March 19, 2024

Unveiled at the prestigious Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, the prototype features a blend of graphene-enhanced natural rubber and butadiene rubber in its tread compound—a choice material for commercial vehicle tyres. This fusion has been credited with offering marked improvements in both the mechanical and dynamic properties of the tyre, heralding a significant advancement in tyre technology.

According to rigorous independent testing conducted by the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC), the incorporation of Levidian's net-zero graphene into the tyre's composition has resulted in a remarkable 23% reduction in rolling resistance. Preliminary findings also suggest a potential decrease in compound density, which could lead to the production of lighter tyres, contributing to overall vehicle efficiency.

The technological innovation behind this leap in tyre performance stems from Levidian's unique decarbonisation solution, LOOP. LOOP facilitates the reduction of emissions from tyre manufacturing processes by generating clean hydrogen and high-quality graphene. This graphene, serving as a reinforcing, tread grade carbon filler, is poised to revolutionise tyre production by enhancing environmental sustainability and efficiency.

Ellie Galanis, Director of Commercial Development at Levidian, shared her enthusiasm about the prototype's potential impact: “We’re on a mission to help industry decarbonise and are excited to be sharing this prototype tyre alongside the results of testing with our partners at TARRC. By deploying our technology, HGV operators could achieve improvements in fuel economy of at least 3%—that’s an annual saving of over £300m on fuel and a reduction in emissions of almost half a million tonnes of CO2 equivalent for UK operators alone.”

This pioneering solution offers tyre manufacturers a dual advantage: the ability to significantly lower production-related emissions and to bolster their supply chains through on-site graphene production for direct application into tyres.

Levidian's bold move not only paves the way for a new era of tyre technology but also reinforces the company's commitment to driving global decarbonisation efforts.

For more information about Levidian's decarbonisation solutions and their transformative impact on the tyre industry, visit www.levidian.com or connect with the team at Booth C502 at the Tire Technology Expo.

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