Kwik Fit Survey Uncovers UK Drivers' Changing Stance on Electric Vehicles Post 2035 Ban Announcement

In a recent turn of events, the UK Government's decision to postpone the ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030 to 2035 has significantly influenced the nation's car buying intentions. Research conducted by Kwik Fit, a leading car servicing and repair company, reveals the immediate repercussions of this policy shift.

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Kwik Fit Survey
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September 28, 2023

Shift in Attitude Towards EVs

Prior to Chancellor Rishi Sunak's announcement, 42% of drivers intending to purchase a new car anticipated it being a low emissions vehicle, either a hybrid or fully electric. However, post-announcement, this figure has seen a decline to 38%. This translates to a staggering drop of over two million potential EV or hybrid buyers in light of the five-year delay.

Kwik Fit's annual tracking of British drivers' inclination towards electric vehicles (EVs) has shown a consistent rise since 2020. From 33% in 2020, the figure climbed to 37% in 2021, surpassing those opting for petrol or diesel for the first time. This upward trend continued into 2022, reaching 42% before the recent dip following the Government's decision.

The Rise of Petrol and Diesel

Contrastingly, the percentage of drivers planning to buy purely petrol or diesel vehicles witnessed an increase from 34% to 36% after the announcement of the delay.

Furthermore, the research unveiled other intriguing insights:

  • 46% of drivers now won't contemplate purchasing an electric car until post-2035.
  • 43% expressed that they would resort to buying second-hand petrol or diesel cars once the 2035 ban is implemented.

Scepticism and Silver Linings

The study also highlighted a degree of scepticism among drivers. 44% believe that the announcement won't have a tangible impact as they expect car manufacturers to cease the production of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 regardless.

However, some drivers view potential benefits. 38% feel the delay might lead to a drop in demand for second-hand EVs, subsequently reducing their prices.

Environmental Concerns

Despite Sunak's assurance of commitment to Net Zero, nearly half (49%) of the drivers surveyed believe that postponing the ban will hinder the UK's ability to achieve its carbon emission targets. A mere 19% disagreed with this sentiment.

Expert Commentary

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit, commented on the findings, "The shift in drivers' plans post the Government's decision is evident. While the automotive sector remains dynamic with an increasing array of EV models, it's clear that the UK's car landscape will comprise a mix of ICE, hybrid, and EVs for the foreseeable future."

He further emphasized the importance of supporting drivers in ensuring their vehicles run efficiently, irrespective of the fuel type.

About Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit stands at the forefront of vehicle servicing, boasting one of the UK's most extensive networks of EV-trained auto technicians. For details on services and centres, visit

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