Kumho Tire to Introduce New UHP Tyres at The Tire Cologne 2024

Join Kumho Tire at The Tire Cologne 2024 to explore groundbreaking tyre technologies, including the all-new Ecsta Sport S UHP summer tyres and advanced digital twin simulations. Discover industry-leading innovations in tyre performance and safety.

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Kumho Tire
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April 26, 2024

Kumho Tire's Commitment to Innovation

Kumho Tire is set to make a substantial impact at this year's The Tire Cologne with a vast 408 square meter exhibit at Hall 6, Stand A030/B039. This event will highlight Kumho’s advanced product range under both the Kumho and Marshal brands, covering the car, SUV/4x4, van, and truck segments.

Unveiling the New Ecsta Sport S UHP Tyres

Visitors will witness the launch of the Ecsta Sport and Ecsta Sport S UHP summer tyres, poised to replace the existing PS91 and PS71 lines.

Advancements in Digital Technology

Kumho Tire continues to lead with innovative digital technologies. The exhibit will showcase its digital twin technology, enabling virtual simulations of tyre models to test performance across various conditions without physical prototypes. This technique provides crucial insights into tyre durability and efficiency.

Introduction of the Smart Tyre System

Additionally, the exhibit will feature the Smart Tyre System, an innovative application of sensor technology within tyres. This system delivers real-time data on tyre pressure, temperature, and wear, crucial for maximising tyre performance, prolonging tyre life, and enhancing road safety.

Engage with Kumho’s Expert Team

Kumho Tire’s dedicated team will be available throughout the event to provide detailed explanations, answer questions, and offer insights into the future strategic direction of the company. Their presence highlights Kumho’s dedication to innovation and customer engagement.

This event provides an invaluable opportunity for visitors to explore the latest trends and solutions that Kumho Tire brings to the forefront of the tyre manufacturing industry.

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