Kumho Tire Hosts Elite European Clientele at Vairano Circuit Event

Kumho Tire recently hosted an exclusive event for its foremost European clients, featuring a unique driving experience followed by an exhilarating Big Match Day, highlighting its successful collaborations with major European football clubs.

This gathering underscored the tire manufacturer's significant technological advancements and exceptional quality, which have been confirmed through rigorous testing by prominent European automotive publications.

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Kumho Tire
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May 2, 2024

The event was held at the Vairano Circuit near Milan, where attendees were given the rare opportunity to directly test the capabilities of Kumho's tires. The presence of Kumho executives, including President and CEO Jung Il-taik, underscored the company's commitment to fostering strong relationships and continuous dialogue with its European partners.

Kumho Tire has shown impressive growth in the European market over the past five years, with an average annual sales increase exceeding 20%. Last year alone, the company reported a remarkable 44% growth, attributing this success to its bespoke research and development strategies tailored specifically for Europe.

The company's technological prowess was once again validated by outstanding results in recent tire performance tests. In a gesture of goodwill and to strengthen business relationships, Kumho also extended an invitation to its business partners to attend a prestigious football match between Inter Milan and AC Milan, showcasing its premium partnership with the Italian football giants.

President Jung Il-taik shared his vision for the company's future, stating, "This year, we have set our most ambitious sales targets yet and are focusing on enhancing our profitability through both quantitative and qualitative growth. We will continue to harness our unique technological capabilities and uphold our commitment to quality, ensuring the best possible driving experience for our users."

Tony Gangseung Lee, Head of European Sales, also commented on the company's recognition in Europe. "Our technological expertise is well-acknowledged across Europe. We are dedicated to broadening our distribution network and enhancing our market presence through tailored advertising, sales, and marketing strategies."

This event not only celebrated Kumho Tire's achievements but also reinforced its strategic focus on expanding its influence and operational capacity across Europe, aiming to deliver top-tier products and experiences to its clientele.

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